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Weekly Token Spotlight: WRT

WRT is the utility and governance token of the WingRiders DEX & Ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain.

Weekly Token Spotlight: WRT

WRT is the utility and governance token of the WingRiders DEX & Ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain. WingRiders was the 5th DEX to go live on Cardano when it launched on April 12, 2022, and was the first DEX to support hardware wallets and staking. This article will explore Wingriders native token, WRT, its utilities and more.

WRT Tokenomics & Distribution

WRT Distribution Pro page on TapTools

WRT has a maximum supply of 100,000,000 tokens. Currently 54.25 Million of these tokens are in circulation, equivalent to 54.3% of the tokens supply. With the token price currently at 0.136 ADA, this gives WRT a market cap of $2,771,277 and a fully diluted market cap of $5,108,251, placing it at #36 in the Top 50 on TapTools.

There are currently 13.90K wallets holding WRT, down 9.62% in the last 30 days. The median holder balance is 3.50 WRT, equivalent to 0.48 ADA, while the average holder age is 318.21 days. highlighting a dedicated community that has supported the project.

In the above image, you can see the tokenomics breakdown for WRT, with the largest allocation being for ecosystem development which includes liquidity mining, ecosystem rewards and development reserve, initial liquidity for DEXs and CEXs, and an environmental impact fund. You can find out more about WRT tokenomics including the token release schedule at the following link: https://www.wingriders.com/wrt


WRT Liquidity Pro page on TapTools

WRT has 1.34 Million ADA in liquidity across 5 Cardano DEXS. Unsurprisingly a vast majority of this liquidity is on the WingRiders DEX which holders 96.47% of the tokens liquidity, followed by VyFinance which holds 3.50% of WRT liquidity, with the third most liquidity DEX being Spectrum Finance which holds 0.03%.


WRT Staking Pro page on TapTools

Currently, there are 3,818 addresses staking 15.21 Million WRT, equivalent to just over 28% of the circulating supply of the token. The number of WRT staked has increased 178.46% over the last 12 months.

WRT Staking Pro page on TapTools

The top 5 addresses staking hold a combined 4,068,350 WRT, equivalent to 26.73% of the staked supply of tokens, and have been staking for an average of 9.8 months.


WRT Volume Profile page on TapTools

WRT has a lifetime trading volume of 40.11 Million ADA and 38,053 trades. The token has 18.79 Million ADA in buy volume and 21.31 Million ADA in sell volume. The vast majority of the trading for WRT takes place on the WingRiders DEX followed by Minswap.


WRT powers the WingRiders DEX and Ecosystem, we’ll now explore the various utility the token has to offer.


WRT holders can engage in governance and directly influence the protocol’s future. The Decentralized DAO is responsible for important decisions, including voting on parameter changes and the introduction of new features, yield farms, and more, ensuring a community-driven approach to protocol development

Farming Boost

Liquidity providers on the WingRiders DEX can stake WRT into a boosting vault to increase the amount of yield farming rewards they receive.

Future Airdrops

Holders of WRT have the chance to receive airdrops in the future.


WingRiders and its native token, WRT, have established themselves as key players in the Cardano ecosystem. With a robust tokenomics structure, dedicated community support, and innovative features, WingRiders continues to innovate in the decentralized finance space.

You can find out more about WingRiders and it’s native token WRT at the following link: https://www.wingriders.com/


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