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Token Spotlight: CGI

Launched in the summer of 2023, CardanoGPT is the first project to release a Cardano-specific AI bot.

Token Spotlight: CGI

Launched in the summer of 2023, CardanoGPT is the first project to release a Cardano-specific AI bot. This pioneering development marks a significant milestone in the fusion of artificial intelligence with blockchain technology, emphasizing CardanoGPT’s commitment to innovation and utility within the Cardano ecosystem. CGI powers the CardanoGTP ecosystem. This article will delve into CGI, its tokenomics, liquidity, and more.

CGI Distribution & Tokenomics

CGI has a total supply of 5 million tokens. Currently 1.98 million of these tokens are in circulation, equivalent to 39.7% of the total supply. At 2.967 ADA per token, this gives CGI a market cap of $3,079,908 and a diluted market cap of $7,762,355, placing it at #40 in the Top 50 tokens on Cardano. It’s important to note the project originally started with 10 million tokens, and sent 5 million CGI to the Snek burn wallet, effectively burning half of the tokens supply.

Currently 1,339 wallets are holding CGI, up 7.81% in the last 30 days. CGI has a Median Holder Balance of 105.44 CGI equivalent to 331.32 ADA, and an Average Holder Age of 56.29 days.

The above image details the tokenomics breakdown as well as the vesting periods that CGI has for its various allocations.


CGI currently has 640.48K ADA in liquidity across 3 Decentralized Exchanges on the Cardano blockchain. The vast majority of this liquidity is on WingRiders which holds 97.38% of CGI’s total liquidity, followed by VyFinance which has 2.60%, and finally Minswap which has 0.02%.


There have been 13,689 CGI trades amounting to a lifetime trading volume of 16.59 million ADA, equivalent to 8.45 million CGI. 8.43 million of this was Buy Volume and 8.15 million was sell volume. A great deal of the token’s trading volume has been from swordfish sized wallets (25–100k ADA), followed by the fish wallet size (5–25K ADA), and the orca wallet size (250k- 1M ADA).


We’ll now delve into the utility that CGI has to offer its holders.

Girolamo Bot

Hold 5,000+ CGI tokens to unlock Girolamo, a cutting-edge AI chatbot by CardanoGPT, offering specialized knowledge and insights within the Cardano blockchain. Currently in beta, with a full launch expected in 2024, Girolamo provides real-time updates and analytics, enhancing your blockchain experience.


CGI’s trajectory within the Cardano ecosystem underscores the pivotal role of strategic utility and community engagement in the cryptocurrency world. The introduction of utilities like the Girolamo AI chatbot not only enhances the value proposition for CGI token holders but also sets a precedent for the innovative use of blockchain technology. As CGI continues to evolve, its impact on the Cardano landscape and its contribution to the broader crypto ecosystem remains highly anticipated.

You can find out more about CGI and CardanoGPT at the following link: https://cardanogpt.ai/


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