Project Cosmos wants to send your NFT to the International Space Station

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This may be one of the more interesting projects happening at the present time. BuffyBot and Viper Pool have partnered up with the Ascension Sciences Team, to send up to 750 cNFT’s in to space for 30 days. Each NFT will be placed on to a digital card, and will have the NFT printed on its face. After their journey in space, they will return to earth to be tested before shipping them to their respective owners.

Like anything going to the international space station, the mission is scientific in nature. It will be exploring the susceptibility of EEPROM memory to the harsh radiation environment of space.

Each slot is 1000 ada. Although the price is quite steep, its likely to be the least expensive way of getting something you own in to space. And it makes for one hell of a keepsake {this is not financial advice}. However, time is really short on this. All submissions have to be turned in by December 10th, 2021.

We wish Project Cosmos’ good luck, and godspeed. Below is a quote from Marco Guererro about the project.

“The day was March 25th, 2021, and I had been a part of the Cardano community for about one year now and I saw something going around on Twitter about something called “SpaceBudz”. So I thought to myself, “That sounds like fun. Let me look into it.” I followed the link to the site and bought my very first cNFT (Non-Fungible Token on Cardano). Once the transaction went through and the site verified this, an animation of a rocket was launched to reveal my first SpaceBud. So when the team from Ascension Sciences messaged me about partnering with them on what would become Project Cosmos on Cardano around 6 months later, it immediately brought me back to that moment of minting my first SpaceBud and seeing that rocket take off. I thought to myself, “This is a chance to actually send my SpaceBudz up to space, for real!”

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