Prime Beaviz | Most ambitious Metaverse NFT project on Cardano

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Prime Beaviz takes its roots from Lysou’s mind. This collection of 9,000 uniquely designed 3D NFT is set to launch on Dec 17, 2021 on Cardano. Lysou and her team have recently welcomed a top-notch known French 3D designer to offer a new technicity to the art. This extended team is planning to launch their own metaverse, the Metadams. Above all, they aim at becoming the leading Cardano Metaverse using Dapps with long term utility. 

The metadams is a digital land experience, divided into thousands of tokenized parcels, each one owned by a single holder. In the short-term, only Prime Beavy holders will be granted the property right to a land. 3 minted Prime Beavy grants you 1 parcel, 5 minted Prime Beaviz grant you 2 parcels of lands and 10 Prime Beaviz grant you 5 parcels. This entry ticket will enable holders to evolve, play, build, live and earn in this universe through their Beaviz. With 4 attached lands, one can display the picture of its choice. 

To try and reflect the diversity of the Prime Beaviz team and its community, the Metadams will provide structuring zones. A DeFi area to swap, trade or chat about ada tokens. An artistic zone of immense creativity where among other things, members will be able to display and discuss about their art available on cnft. And a gaming area, where will be integrated play-to-earn games, from minigames to more complex ones. 

Supported by its early community, the Prime Beaviz project is gaining momentum and strong ambition. In the long-term, this soon-to-be-built universe plans on being the home of not only Beaviz but any other partnered Cardano NFT project.


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