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Hoskinson Addresses Nami ADAHandles Glitch

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson discussed Nami Wallet’s ongoing technical problems, assuring users that an urgent solution is on the way.I'm just coming up to speed on Nami. We've put together a weekend...

Hoskinson Addresses Nami ADAHandles Glitch

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Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson discussed Nami Wallet’s ongoing technical problems, assuring users that an urgent solution is on the way.

I'm just coming up to speed on Nami. We've put together a weekend team to investigate an issue involving Nami's implementation of ADAHandles.

The one issue that has been identified is a delay in fetching ADAHandles whereby if users are typing in handles, i.e. "$NFT" and then… pic.twitter.com/Iki4vTR34h

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) March 2, 2024

Hoskinson Tackles Nami Glitches

Nami’s ADAHandles have been criticized by users who have noted input lags and interruptions. The feature has been turned off temporarily until a suitable fix is found. For those unaware, Cardano wallet names can be linked to personalized and unique ADAHandles, and the recent problems have caused concern.

Here are all transactions sent to @jpgstoreNFT script addresses without a datum.

If I'm not mistaken, this could show that Nami's likely bug has been around for a long time. Someone told me they thought it happened to them two years ago.

There are sparse transactions every few… pic.twitter.com/cslyyILL0G

— 竜 SM₳UG (@SmaugPool) March 2, 2024

Charles Hoskinson took to various platforms to communicate with the community, emphasizing that the technical problems were confined to Nami users, with Lace, the other wallet under Cardano’s umbrella, seemingly unaffected.

Hoskinson advised Nami users to take a temporary break while the team investigates the bug. He also emphasizes that updates of this magnitude take time, and dealing with bugs is difficult.

He encouraged the upset users to talk about it on the company’s official support channels instead of social media. Initially, the goal was to change ensure would benefit the broader ecosystem. Such a venture is often paired with growing pains, including the current ADAhandles situation. 

tbh I didn't expect this, can someone tell me why this is good thing for the Cardano eco-system, because I'm really on the fence with this being transparent, there is already very healthy fierce competition with Cardano wallets. This rings monopoly bells to me. I hope I have…

— Dave (@ItsDave_ADA) November 1, 2023

People in the Cardano community didn’t like the acquisition of Nami Wallet by IOHK. Some people said it went against Cardano’s concept of decentralization and were worried that it would increase control and decrease competition in the wallet market. Also, there were doubts about Lace Wallet’s part in the plans, as both Lace and Nami served as straightforward lite wallets.

Addressing these concerns, Hoskinson defended the acquisition, emphasizing its necessity in accelerating adoption and integrating Nami seamlessly into Cardano’s ecosystem.

I seem to notice a lot of this lately. Nami, Midnight, etc etc. Lots of amazing people are building and bringing new users, capabilities, and experiences into the ecosystem. IOG is a builder. We aren't different from any DApp company in Cardano.

We have products and services… https://t.co/4hWArOD0bw

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) November 1, 2023


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