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EMURGO Engages With GSR to Strengthen Cardano Blockchain Ecosystem

EMURGO connects GSR and its vast strategic resources to the Cardano ecosystem.

EMURGO Engages With GSR to Strengthen Cardano Blockchain Ecosystem

SINGAPORE, MAY 7, 2024 — EMURGO, a blockchain technology company that facilitates commercial adoption of the Cardano blockchain, today announced a strategic relationship with GSR, the global cryptocurrency trading firm and liquidity provider. EMURGO will help to bridge GSR and its suite of services to the Cardano ecosystem to:

  • Provide deeper liquidity provisioning and market-making within the Cardano ecosystem
  • Identify venture investment opportunities in Cardano projects
  • Increase user interoperability of Cardano projects
  • Jointly promote Cardano education-related initiatives

Collectively, these activities will support the continued expansion of the Cardano ecosystem and also further raise the visibility of Cardano as a blockchain platform to onboard more developers, businesses, users, and other stakeholders.

GSR’s Singapore subsidiary, GSR Markets Pte. Ltd. (GSR Singapore), has also received a Digital Payment Token Service license, the first awarded from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to a digital asset market maker. 

“EMURGO is excited to work with GSR and utilize its established track record as one of the largest market makers in the crypto space to support the growing Cardano ecosystem,” said Ken Kodama, CEO of EMURGO. “GSR’s wealth of experience, expertise, and deep resources will enable Cardano builders and projects to develop and scale their Web3 products to potential Web3 users while fostering an even more robust Cardano ecosystem moving forward.”

“GSR is thrilled to be working with the EMURGO team as they continue to expand their ecosystem,” said CJ Fong, Head of EMEA Business Development, GSR. “We look forward to supporting the next phase of growth through unique investment opportunities and education initiatives within the Cardano community.”

Cardano is an open-source, public blockchain platform, and the first to be founded on peer-reviewed research and development through scientific, evidence-based methods. Using an environmentally friendly and secure proof-of-stake protocol, the Cardano blockchain has processed nearly 90 million transactions and has more than 1,350 projects currently building applications on its platform. [1]


EMURGO is a blockchain technology company and a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain that provides products and services to drive the adoption of Cardano’s Web3 ecosystem. 

Established in 2015 in Japan, EMURGO exists to facilitate commercial growth of the Cardano ecosystem and unlock the full potential of the ecosystem through partnerships, investments, education, and infrastructure development. To connect and learn more, visit https://emurgo.io.

About GSR

GSR has over ten years of digital asset market expertise as a liquidity provider and active, multi-stage investor. Our suite of services includes OTC Trading, Derivatives and Market Making. GSR is embedded in every major sector of the digital asset ecosystem, working with token issuers, institutional investors, miners, and leading trading venues.

Visit: www.gsr.io


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