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EMURGO Africa Signs MOU with Pan-Atlantic University for Blockchain Collaboration

The agreement will include joint development of blockchain education content development in addition to blockchain & Web3 training programs for Pan-Atlantic University students.

EMURGO Africa Signs MOU with Pan-Atlantic University for Blockchain Collaboration

NAIROBI, KENYA FEBRUARY 23 2023 / EMURGO Africa – EMURGO Africa, a regional venture arm of Cardano blockchain founding entity EMURGO, today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pan-Atlantic University (“PAU”). The MoU outlines several areas where the two parties plan to work together, such as:

  • Co-development of a blockchain technology textbook for students
  • Provision of blockchain and Web3 training programs to empower PAU students through EMURGO Africa and its partners
  • Access to blockchain internship, business mentorship, and professional networking opportunities with EMURGO Africa and its partners
  • Exploration of joint academic research and community-building initiatives

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, PAU is a private accredited educational institution federally approved and established in 2002. 

EMURGO Africa and its network of industry partners Adaverse – a regional Cardano accelerator, Power Learn Project (PLP) – a Pan-African impact organization empowering youth through decentralized software development and smart technologies training, and Cassava Network – Africa’s Web3 platform focused on loyalty rewards and entertainment, will collectively be involved in the joint development of the aforementioned education initiatives.

“Since EMURGO Africa’s launch in 2021, we have been laying the groundwork to raise awareness of Cardano and its Web3 potential with key stakeholders, building a community of Web3 talent, and establishing a vibrant investment ecosystem for Web3 companies and traditional financial institutions to unite and support local founders in their quest to build socially impactful solutions that can solve existing challenges,” said EMURGO Middle East & Africa co-CEO Shogo Ishida. “Education has always been a key component of this comprehensive plan and we strongly believe that partnering with PAU will offer young students the educational tools they will need to learn about Web3. This will provide empowerment opportunities for them to network, work in Web3, or build their Web solutions.”

“At PAU, we pay special attention to industry collaboration as we aspire to provide our students with cutting-edge industry-relevant knowledge, while at the same time furthering industry development through collaborative research. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with the Cardano blockchain ecosystem and related business organizations,” said Dr. Pius Onobhayedo, Head of the Computer and Information Systems Department, PAU.

Ishida PAU Edited

(L:R PAU Professor Dr. Onobhayedo; EMURGO Middle East & Africa co-CEO Shogo Ishida)

Africa has undergone a rapid digital transformation over the past decade through fast internet adoption and affordable smartphones with more than 60% of the continent’s population under the age of 25, Africa has one of the fastest-growing rates of crypto adoption in the world to solve issues such as currency depreciation and a lack of access to traditional financial services, according to blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis.

This is a first-of-its-kind initiative in Africa, blending institutional education with the future of blockchain as a technology, and cryptocurrency as a tool for access to financial literacy, wealth, and financial sustainability.


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