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Cardano Founder Throws Shade At Solana And Elite Investors Prefer New AI Altcoin Over Solana

The battle for dominance between Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) has resurfaced after Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, threw a subtle jab at the former. This shade was in response to a post made on X by a...

Cardano Founder Throws Shade At Solana And Elite Investors Prefer New AI Altcoin Over Solana

The battle for dominance between Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) has resurfaced after Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, threw a subtle jab at the former. This shade was in response to a post made on X by a user called Jeremy, who celebrated SOL’s rise to $140 and questioned Hoskinson about ADA’s rise to $1. The exchange caught the crypto community’s attention, which saw Hoskinson’s response as a plain criticism of the network’s capability. As a result, several posts on X were made to compare these top altcoins.

In different news, a new AI altcoin, InQubeta (QUBE), has taken precedence over Solana, attracting elite investors to its network. This AI token offers a unique appeal, merging the artificial intelligence and blockchain industries through crowdfunding, made possible by fractionated non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This article explores why elite investors prefer InQubeta over Solana, while discussing the aftermath of the Cardano founder’s jab at Solana.

InQubeta (QUBE): Attracting Elite Investors With Unique Prowess

The new AI altcoin provides an innovative investment platform with features that attract investors from all over. At its core, InQubeta is the first AI crowdfunding platform built on the blockchain, allowing investors and companies to mutually benefit from each other. The platform acts as a buffer, connecting investors directly with AI tech startups seeking seed funds to kick off their companies. These companies are empowered to mint opportunities into NFTs and list them on InQubeta’s marketplace, where token holders can use this emerging crypto coin to support their growth by buying fractionated investments without a big budget.

The QUBE presale has taken off, adding more appeal to the ecosystem. Its value has soared by 250%, having launched at $0.007, and is now selling at $0.0245. The presale phase, a ten-stage journey, is now in its eighth stage, having sold over 893 million tokens. Over $11.9 million has been raised for this blockchain ICO, reaching the top of the DeFi crypto list. More investors are clamoring to purchase QUBE in this stage as its price is set to increase to $0.028 shortly, as soon as the 4% of remaining tokens for stage 8 are sold.

These elite investors favor this emerging crypto because of its potential to revolutionize investments powered by DeFi. Within the marketplace, investors can trade their acquired NFTs securely and are guaranteed transparency, as InQubeta’s smart contract has been audited by Hacken and Block Audit. A staking protocol that rewards users from a buy tax and a governance model that gives token holders rights in the platform’s decision-making, put InQubeta among the top altcoins on the crypto list.

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Solana (SOL): Continuous Surging In the Crypto Market

Solana is fifth on the DeFi crypto list by market capitalization, compared to Cardano, which trails behind at number eight. This gap makes analysts and investors wonder why Hoskinson criticizes the network and hints at Solana’s lack of real value. His response to the X post that began this round of comparisons read, “Number goes up! = good ecosystem or real network value.” It was a significant shade at the rising SOL.

When Solana suffered a setback in February, Charles made a jab at the network in an X post, commenting that the developers may need to shut down and restart the network to get the price back up. In January, he also criticized their marketing strategy, suggesting the Solana ecosystem was getting it wrong by spending millions of dollars. A recent prediction from top crypto analyst Chris O indicates that these two tokens may never stop being compared. His prediction says that SOL and ADA would battle for the third position by market cap, continuously flipping each other back and forth.

Cardano (ADA): Extreme Predictions for Growth Trajectory

Hoskinson remained uncharacteristically tight-lipped when asked whether ADA would see a new all-time high (ATH) in the current bull run. The token has been experiencing some resistance amid market corrections. Charles’ disinterest in commenting on the future trajectory of the Cardano token has not kept other analysts from giving their predictions for ADA.

Crypto Capital founder Dan Gambardello and similar ADA maximalists have been peddling bullish predictions hinting at a potential surge for the token. Gambardello’s prediction proposes that ADA will exceed its current ATH of $3 and climb to $11 in the next bull run. In contrast, K33 and AlphaQuest Research data suggest a completely different outcome. These reports hint at the token falling to $0 and even infer that it might be more favorable for investors to offload their tokens than await substantial gains that may never be attained. Investors are advised to DYOR, as ADA has been in the green, rising by over 122% year-to-end.


Hoskinson throwing shade at Solana has put both tokens in the limelight, with comparisons of their ecosystems breaking on X over the past few days. With the volatility in the crypto market, Chris O’s prediction could very well come true, bringing even more rounds of comparison between the two coins and more potential gains. On another note, InQubeta is rising on the DeFi crypto list as elite investors take cognizance of the AI token and its features, putting it over Solana as a top-tier investment choice.

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