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Bitcoin's Road To 100k Under Threat By Litecoin's Development And Influential Meme Coin' Caged Beasts - ATZCrypto

Bitcoin’s Road To 100k Under Threat By Litecoin’s Development And Influential Meme Coin’ Caged...

Bitcoin's Road To 100k Under Threat By Litecoin's Development And Influential Meme Coin' Caged Beasts - ATZCrypto

Bitcoin (BTC), widely regarded as the pioneer of cryptocurrencies, has maintained its prominent status as the leader in the digital currency realm since its inception in 2009. When individuals think of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is often the first coin that comes to mind. As the cryptocurrency market expands and gains momentum, Bitcoin has been scaling new heights, and BTC loyalists anticipate its value to soar to $100,000 by the year 2024.

But, BTC has been at the forefront of controversy in recent years – could its positives outweigh the negatives? Or is BTC due for retirement as Litecoin and Caged Beasts (CAGED) ready to dominate?

Optimistic Price Predictions For Bitcoin Hold No Weight?

Bitcoin, often referred to as ‘The Mother of DeFi,’ is the first digital currency generated through computer mining using the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. This revolutionary concept allowed individuals to generate, possess, and trade money autonomously, free from the involvement of traditional banking institutions.

The groundbreaking nature of this technology propelled Bitcoin to become the most valuable cryptocurrency in existence. However, Bitcoin’s reliance on the PoW mechanism has presented its own set of challenges. The energy-intensive process of mining Bitcoin has resulted in the release of a staggering 62 megatons of carbon dioxide equivalent annually. As the scale of Bitcoin’s operations grew, it became increasingly apparent that the environmental impact outweighed the benefits it offered. Consequently, investors are now seeking out sustainable alternatives in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Litecoin’s Scalability Potential

On paper, Litecoin (LTC) positions itself as a worthy alternative to Bitcoin. Since LTC was created in the image of BTC back in 2011, it is the second-oldest cryptocurrency in the industry. LTC has had plenty of time to receive wide adoption on par with BTC—making the crypto one of the most widely available for trading.

With significant market recognition, LTC was also made to be a better performer than BTC, by offering users faster transaction speed and a block time of 2.5 minutes as opposed to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes. With all these advantages, why has Litecoin struggled to stay in the top 10 list for market cap size?

LTC runs into the same issue as BTC as they both operate on the PoW mechanism that’s arguably deemed outdated for its poor scalability. Over the years, LTC has been eclipsed in market cap by new sustainable crypto and meme coins. As the trend continues, BTC could drop next, and Caged Beasts is the next meme coin set to climb through the market cap rankings.

Caged Beasts Set To Ride The Meme Coin Wave

What meme coins have that BTC and LTC don’t is character, personability, and, above all else, sustainability – to be scaled up for the masses without leaving behind a significant carbon footprint. Caged Beasts is positioned to be one of those meme coins but with an interesting twist—it’s built on the foundations of storytelling, lore, and gaming mechanics.

BEASTS is formed around the tale of Dr. Jekyll, who created mutated beasts in a genetic animal testing lab with the purpose of freeing them to destroy human-designed centrality. We, the community, acquire these BEASTS to trade/share them while playing a role in the narrative of letting the ‘caged beasts’ run free through the power of DeFi and social media.

As the pre-sale has just gone live, BEASTS has managed to garner early traction with its gamified zoology similar to Pokémon, where the Caged Beasts characters upgrade with more mutations, cybernetics, and weaponry to represent their rise in power through its community’s efforts.

Why Old Crypto is Struggling to Keep up with New Crypto

With its compelling narrative and gamified appeal, BEASTS stands as a modern and sustainable cryptocurrency that addresses the shortcomings of traditional cryptocurrencies like BTC and LTC. It not only learns from the past but also brings something fresh and innovative to the table in the realm of meme coins and sustainable cryptos.

By combining the power of lore and storytelling with a mission-driven community, BEASTS has created a unique ecosystem that goes beyond mere speculation and trading. It fosters a sense of purpose and engagement, driving users to actively participate in spreading the word and contributing to the project’s growth.

Caged Beasts

Website: https://cagedbeasts.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CAGED_BEASTS

Telegram: https://t.me/CAGEDBEASTS

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