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Big Eyes Coin Set To Top The Cryptocurrency Market Ahead Of Cardano And Filecoin

The crypto ecosystem is growing and gaining popularity as blockchain technology continues to advance. Blockchain aims to transform the internet into the web3 iteration at a time when it impacts how we communicate, create, connect, and engage with one...

Big Eyes Coin Set To Top The Cryptocurrency Market Ahead Of Cardano And Filecoin

The crypto ecosystem is growing and gaining popularity as blockchain technology continues to advance. Blockchain aims to transform the internet into the web3 iteration at a time when it impacts how we communicate, create, connect, and engage with one another. The full societal integration of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Decentralized Financing (DeFi) might replace conventional financial institutions. Success in the cryptocurrency industry depends on being current. 

The Big Eyes Coin, a new cryptocurrency, has a marketing wallet, which can help it keep up with the latest trends. You can see that the Big Eye Coin mascot is animated by looking at it closely. Anime is a comic book and cartoon genre that is gaining popularity. Given that between 40 to 60% of people worldwide already watch or read anime, it is not surprising that Big Eyes Coin is targeting this market. As seen on its Instagram page, Big Eyes Coin intends to produce comic books and items using Big Eyes characters. It might cause a fresh influx of users to choose the Big Eyes Coin Platform. This article will examine how the Big Eyes Coin can aid in the evolution of the internet.

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin possesses a vital component that will propel the Metaverse to new heights. The community is the easy thing here. Whether they do it directly or indirectly, humans control events. The Metaverse values community interactions; therefore, large initiatives encouraging these interactions and innovations tend to gain popularity quickly. 

The community’s interest is at the heart of the Big Eyes Coin ecosystem. It recognizes how crucial it is for people to work for their money and receive a portion of the goods they purchase. Having a token is not enough; you must join the ecosystem that prioritizes distributing wealth throughout the community.

Values of Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin believes several values are significant enough to be advanced. One explanation is that Big Eyes Coin is based on a cat named Big Eyes; therefore, it makes sense that many of the services that Big Eyes Coin (BIG) provides are cat-like.

Activeness is the first of these. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) won’t just sit around doing nothing; it’ll be active, particularly in the community.

This is done through a variety of upcoming projects. Big Eyes Coin (BIG), which will measure simplicity and playfulness, will also have value. Cats also have nine lives, demonstrating the sustainability of the Big Eye Coin (BIG) scheme. Cats are playful and want to move beyond the function to be amused, involved, and included in what’s happening. 

Ocean reservation is one of the most crucial aspects of the Big Eye Coin (BIG) concept. Tons of trash enter the oceans yearly, choking marine life and poisoning our water. This terrible situation is why so much money is given to saving the oceans every year. To provide complete transparency, these tokens designated for charity will be kept in a transparent charity wallet.

Cats are also friendly- the decentralization of finance and advancement of blockchain won’t happen alone and won’t happen in secret. It’s about sharing, communicating, and being open about what’s happening.  

What Is The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Roadmap?

The plan of action is broken down into four stages in the whitepaper.


Three token audits will take place during this initial stage, after which the presale will start, and the presale website will go live. The beginning of the PR apparatus, the media stunt, and the opening of social media channels are all part of this phase. Additionally, the Big Eye Coin community will amass 15,000 users on the telegram app.


In this stage, two charitable gifts will be made. The Big Eyes Coin token will be introduced on Uniswap, and the entire website will go live. Influencer campaigns will start after all social media channels have been validated, and the media stunt will go on as usual. The Big Eyes Coin token will amass 20,000 token owners throughout this stage, 25,000 communities will receive Big Eyes Coin, NFT snippets will be made available, and digital stickers will be offered as the meme machine kicks into high gear. The Big Eyes Swap will go live at this point, be added to new swaps, get its first bridge, and start operating its merch store.


NFTs will be made available at this stage, along with the first IRL event that is NFT-only. Big Eyes Coin token and the second charitable donation will be distributed. The Big Eyes Coin token can amass 50,000 Telegram users and token owners. A significant influencer campaign and a more prominent media stunt will also be part of this phase. The meme machine will finally kick into high gear, and new digital stickers will be released.


The last phase will center on neighborhood gatherings and a sizable $1 million donation to a good cause. New chains will be bridged, more swaps will be added, and NFTs will develop thanks to the Big Eyes Coin.

Big Eye Coin aims to stand out from the competition by giving back to its community and a worthy cause.


Cardano (ADA) is well-known for being a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency that promises to give “innovators, visionaries, and changemakers” to promote beneficial evolution on a global scale. Blockchains use the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to build new blocks and conduct transactions. Italian polymath Gerolamo Cardano, who lived in the 16th century, is the source of the name Cardano. It is the first blockchain network built on peer-reviewed research and evidence-supported methods.

Cardano (ADA), called an Ethereum “rival,” has emerged from the ashes to become one of the biggest cryptocurrencies on the market. With Cardano, users may connect without relying on centralized data stores because of its blockchain-powered environment. The entirely decentralized and open-source Ouroboros blockchain is the foundation for Cardano. The Cardano network does not have a central database because the data is distributed across different places.

Anytime they wish, users can view the data. Data ownership is another benefit that Cardano users have. People can send data across the blockchain at any time and have control over it.


Filecoin (FIL) is one of the leading Web3.0 cryptocurrencies that aims to decentralize data storage. One of the best-performing cryptocurrencies over time has been Filecoin, which has increased by almost 80%. The announcement that the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web and Harvard’s Innovation Lab had teamed set off the protest. The collaboration aims to support libraries using technology for information dissemination. 

This is significant because it establishes Filecoin as one of the cryptocurrencies that can pave the way for the academic community and the book publishing industry to adopt Web3.0. Decentralized websites can also be hosted on this storage.

There is little doubt that Filecoin has a bright future in Web3.0, given that it is also gaining popularity in other markets.

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