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The crypto space is slowly achieving the highs of the previous bull run as the most dominant crypto, Bitcoin is approaching its highs yet again. As the market is gearing up for its highs again, XRP price and Cardano price are experiencing a slightly lowered rally. No doubt, both the assets underwent a notable jump yet failed to hit $1.2 and $2.5 respectively.

Ripple’s XRP Price Could Climb Above $1.2 In next 48 Hours

XRP ecosystem is experiencing ample trading volume since the beginning of the present week. As the market is on the verge to regain its lost glory, many assets could also regain their lost position. Therefore, the XRP price appears to be completely assured of its uptrend as the buyers have entered the ring. 

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The downtrend and an extended accumulation, slowly ranging towards the north signify the strength in the rally. Maintaining a constant uptrend since the beginning of the current month, the price now trends within a symmetrical triangle & on a verge of a breakout. Moreover, since the beginning of the present week, the diminished candles indicate the lessened volatility. The reason could be the tough fight between the bulls and the bears as the price remains more or less flat but volume considerably high. 

Therefore, the bulls could gain immense bullish momentum in the weekend where the asset could rally to the immediate target at $1.2. However, the target still remains much distinct as it needs to undergo a monstrous rally in order to climb closer to its ATH. Therefore, the RSI which is trending in a comfortable zone needs to break out of the box to push the price above $1.5. 

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Bears Trying Hard To Pull Down Cardano(ADA) Price

The current trend appears to have capitulated by the bears as more and more red candles hover the ADA price rally. Yet in reality, the bulls are giving an equal fight to the bears and attempting hard to keep up the price above $2.2. The traders had huge hopes on the Alonzo Hard Fork Event as many predicted the price to reach the $5 milestone. However, the narrow trend and a long accumulation raised many concerns over time. 

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Despite the increased trading volume, the price still struggles hard as the Doji type candles manifest equal strength as bears with bulls. And hence the plateaued price may continue for a couple of days until the bears get extremely exhausted. This would be when the bulls regain their strength and uplift the price towards the target in between $2.6 and $2.7, initially. 

The market sentiments appear to have changed in recent times with the BTC price again reaching its peak. Previously when the asset broke its ATH, it rallied more than 3x with an intensified pace. And all the altcoins followed as Bitcoin price settled a little. If this trend repeats BTC will hit $100K for sure, and many altcoins including XRP price, Cardano(ADA) price, etc could rally towards a double-digit target. 

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