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World Mobile’s Partnership with Adaptive Broadband and Expansion into Oregon

World Mobile announced on X (formerly Twitter) that they’ve partnered with Adaptive Broadband, an ISP and Mobile Service Provider in the State of Oregon.

World Mobile’s Partnership with Adaptive Broadband and Expansion into Oregon

World Mobile announced on X (formerly Twitter) that they’ve partnered with Adaptive Broadband, an ISP and Mobile Service Provider in the State of Oregon. Adaptive Broadband will be converting more than 70 of its existing radios, towers, and hotspots into World Mobile AirNodes. These Airnodes will be validated and authenticated using the World Mobile Sidechain Aya, which runs on the Cardano blockchain. This partnership will see customers from Adaptive Broadband turned into World Mobile customers, and give them access to the savings, data security, and services that World Mobile provides, while further enhancing the infrastructure that’s already in place.

Image of Adaptive Broadbands Coverage Map. Source: https://adaptivebroadband.org/coverage

The State of Unconnected and Underserved Wireless and Telecom Customers in Oregon

In 2022, Oregon’s population increased by 18,270 to 4,281,851 according to Portland State University’s Population Research Center. The state had made significant strides in expanding internet and cellphone coverage. However, challenges persisted, particularly for underserved communities and the unconnected, which were concentrated in specific counties and cities across the state. According to signalchecker.com, Oregon ranks 49th out of 53 areas tracked within the US

Internet Access:

Rural and remote regions, such as Harney County and Lake County in Eastern Oregon, and Josephine County in Southern Oregon, faced limited connectivity options due to rugged terrain and low population density.

Tribal lands, including the Warm Springs Reservation, struggled with persistent connectivity issues, hindering access to education, telehealth, and remote work opportunities.

Underserved Communities:

Underserved urban communities, like those in North Portland and East Portland, lacked affordable, high-speed broadband options, exacerbating existing disparities. Rural underserved areas included communities in Klamath County, such as Klamath Falls, where access to affordable internet remained a challenge.

Cell Phone Coverage:

While major carriers provided robust cell phone coverage in cities like Portland and Salem, remote regions, including parts of Jackson County and Curry County on the southern coast, often experienced coverage gaps. These gaps impact emergency services and connectivity during travel and outdoor activities.

Expanding Across the U.S.

This collaboration strengthens World Mobile’s position by providing greater access to customers, spectrum, and essential infrastructure as part of its expansion strategy in the United States. Initially launched in four states — Nevada, California, Utah, and New Mexico — the partnership with Adaptive Broadband significantly extends World Mobile’s reach. With Adaptive Broadband’s coverage area encompassing a population of 461,647, World Mobile gains access to nearly half a million potential customers. The future trajectory of World Mobile and Adaptive Broadband’s expansion in Oregon remains an exciting prospect, as both projects exhibit ambitious goals and aspirations.

About Adaptive Broadband

Adaptive Broadband is an Internet Service Provider based in Salem, Oregon which utilizes Fiber and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) to provide Rural and Inner City Residential, Business, and Industrial internet services within Polk, Marion, and Jefferson Counties in Oregon. Adaptive service also offers its customers a variety of other services such as security cameras and voice over internet phone (VoIP). These services along with its internet and telephone offerings will soon be running on the World Mobile Network.

Adaptive Broadband’s parent company, Adaptive Ad Systems Inc., headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, originally ventured into Oregon three years ago by adding new technology and services to extend its market reach by delivering High-Speed Fixed Wireless Internet Service to rural markets in Oregon via its subsidiary company Adaptive Broadband (“ABB”). Currently, the Company serves over 75 designated marketing areas in over 40 states with a massive clientele list. Adaptive Systems is also partnered with the Rural Broadband Association, a connection that will be very valuable to World Mobile on its mission to connect the unconnected within the United States of America.

About World Mobile

World Mobile, the first mobile network built on blockchain technology, aims to bridge the digital divide by connecting the unconnected and banking the unbanked. For more information about World Mobile and its services, please visit the World Mobile Website.


World Mobile’s partnership with Adaptive Broadband in Oregon marks a significant milestone in their mission to connect the unconnected. This strategic collaboration not only expands their network and customer reach but also addresses vital connectivity challenges faced by underserved communities. As World Mobile continues to expand across the United States, this partnership sets a strong foundation for delivering essential services and bridging the digital divide.


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