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World Mobile Releases Pakistan AirNode Data

World Mobile announced the number of AirNodes that have been installed in Pakistan, since the announcement of the telecom network’s expansion into the country.

World Mobile Releases Pakistan AirNode Data

World Mobile announced the number of AirNodes that have been installed in Pakistan, since the announcement of the telecom network’s expansion into the country. Pakistan is the first country within the Asian continent in which World Mobile has expanded. Home to a population of 241.49 million, Pakistan provides World Mobile with the opportunity to start its mission of connecting the unconnected on the Asian continent with a high level of impact. At present, Pakistan boasts a network of 336 AirNodes, with the majority strategically positioned in two key areas. Wapda Town hosts an impressive 269 of these nodes, while Napipura contributes to the network with 67 AirNodes.

The Hosting Neighborhoods — Wapda Town and Nabipura

Wapda Town and Nabipura, both situated in Lahore, serve as key locations for the deployment of AirNodes as part of World Mobile’s expansion into Pakistan. Lahore, with its current metropolitan area population reaching 13,979,000 in 2023, has experienced a 3.23% increase from the previous year.

Wapda Town, established in 1978, was designed to provide affordable housing for Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) employees. Today, it stands as one of Lahore’s upscale residential societies. Nabipura, a historic district in Lahore, is celebrated for its cultural heritage and traditional architecture. It combines residential and commercial areas, contributing to the rich urban landscape of Lahore.

These neighborhoods within Lahore play a pivotal role in the World Mobile Network as it expands within Pakistan and begins to connect the unconnected

Connectivity State of Pakistan

According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, only 190 million Pakistanis have a mobile cellular subscription, with a 79.44% mobile teledensity rating. This leaves 20% of the country without telecom services, and only 130 million inhabitants have broadband internet services, resulting in an internet penetration rate of 54%.

Data from Ookla reveals that as of the beginning of 2023, internet users in Pakistan experienced the following connection speeds:

  • Median mobile internet connection speed via cellular networks: 14.93 Mbps.
  • Median fixed internet connection speed: 10.28 Mbps.

This data also indicates a 1.42 Mbps (-8.7 percent) decrease in the median mobile internet connection speed in Pakistan over the previous twelve months. This suggests a need for improved connectivity, both in connecting the unconnected and enhancing the quality of telecom services, as many areas of the country receive inadequate mobile and fixed internet speeds.

In Pakistan, the most underserved areas are primarily rural regions, with significant gaps in internet and telephone connectivity. Provinces like Balochistan and FATA particularly lack reliable telecommunications services due to geographical challenges, economic limitations, and infrastructure underdevelopment, resulting in limited connectivity options in these remote areas.

Why Pakistan?

Pakistan’s appeal as an ideal region to initiate a continental expansion of a mobile network within Asia is rooted in several fundamental factors. With a population surpassing 220 million, the country offers a diverse and extensive customer base, accommodating various user preferences and needs. Additionally, Pakistan has witnessed a swift rise in mobile phone usage, with a significant portion of its population already using smartphones, creating a tech-savvy environment. This makes it a suitable launching point for a mobile network tailored to the local landscape.

Pakistan’s expanding middle-class population, marked by increasing disposable income, further underscores its potential. Geographically, the nation’s strategic location at the crossroads of South Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East positions it as a prime hub for connecting regions with a shared demand for accessible and cost-effective mobile connectivity.


World Mobile’s expansion into Pakistan, particularly in the vibrant city of Lahore, marks a crucial step toward enhancing connectivity in the Asian continent. With a population of over 241 million and a metropolitan area population of 13,979,000 in Lahore, the potential for bridging the digital divide is significant. The deployment of AirNodes in neighborhoods like Wapda Town and Nabipura signifies a pivotal move towards addressing the telecommunications and internet service gaps that persist in parts of Pakistan. As this mission unfolds, it not only serves as a testament to Pakistan’s potential but also as a promise for better connectivity and improved services across the region.

You can view the deployment of all AirNodes at the following link: https://wmtscan.com/


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