Wolf Kingdom NFT - Here to revolutionise the Cardano ecosystem by building their own Wolf Kingdom Metaverse

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Wolf Kingdom NFT is a uniquely designed 3D NFT collection of 5555 wolves. They are set to launch on Dec 04, 2021 on Cardano. The team has plans to revolutionise Cardano space by launching their own Wolf Kingdom METAVERSE. Further, long term plan  of the team is to build a P2E game based on Wolf Kingdom Metaverse and its characters. 

Unlike the most of the CNFTs, Wolf Kingdom NFT has plans for long term utility. Holders of the Wolves (NFTs) are going to benefit from the Metaverse plans in numerous ways. The team is planning to build their Wolf Kingdom by initially dropping lands to their wolf holdersCara de lobo. Further, whoever owns wolves and lands would be eligible to breed Wolf pups. These lands and pups would be simultaneously integrated into Metaverse. Finally, team has long term plans for P2E game based on this WolfKingdom Metaverse (including Wolves, lands and Pups), which is built by resources raised from mint revenues.

Our Project is gaining traction as we progress along the roadmap, with constantly delivering what we promised and with great support of our early community. Potential Cardano promoters/influencers reaching out to us shows the trust we are building and we are glad to have such a positive Cardano NFT community. Further, with a dedicated team of Founder(Longtime CNFT enthusiast), Experienced Artists, Top end blockchain and Unity developers, the team is consistently striving to deliver what we promised in roadmap.

Social Media Handles:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WolfKingdomNFT

Discord: https://discord.gg/wolfkingdomio

Website: https://wolfkingdom.io

Email: [email protected]

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