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WingRiders Monthly Update - November

Hey Riders, Welcome to our monthly recap series, in which we summarise the highlights of the previous month at WingRiders.

WingRiders Monthly Update - November

1st DAO Vote Concluded and Implemented

We kicked off this period with the first DAO vote on our governance portal. Becoming a fully-fledged DAO has been our goal from the start, and at the heart of our, DAO is the governance mechanism, which allows proposals for changes to be submitted and approved through member voting. The first vote was on which feature to implement on the platform next, and the winning option was announced and implemented later in the month.

0*d2kBNhZ8ey1rYF5A WingRiders DEX: 1st DAO governance voting results

DAO Governance Spaces

Following the launch of the first governance vote, we hosted a Twitter Spaces on the topic of DAO governance. This event was co-hosted by Cardano with Paul, a top Cardano influencer, and Sundaeswap, Indigo, DripDropz, and AnetaBTC. The event generated much support and interest from the Cardano community. This type of Spaces has become a staple in our efforts to bring the whole community together to discuss topics of interest and relevance to the community.

WingRiders DEX Twitter Spaces: DAO Governance Voting

Updated Roadmap

Our road map was updated, and more information about each upcoming change was added to the website. The next six months hold many milestones in the development of the platform, and we are excited to share these with our community. A few of these development highlights are the launch of the DEX SDK; software libraries to enable 3rd parties to integrate our DEX; open-sourced tooling for the Cardano community; the unveiling of the FirstRider Fungible token boosting utility; and version 2 of smart contracts, resulting in faster and cheaper transactions and bringing users more control during swapping, to name a few. See here for the full road map.

WingRiders DEX: Roadmap Q4 2022 + 2023

Open Source Repositories

Following the successful launch of our DAO Governance Platform and the Dashboard and the completion of the first DAO vote, we announced the release of the new open-source repositories, helping to increase our DEX transparency by providing easier access to data. The repository serves as a foundation for transparency, with anyone with sufficient skills able to run it and verify the votes and proposals. These open-source repositories work not only for WingRiders but should also help similarly built projects.

WingRiders DEX: Open-source repositories

We continued our weekly efforts to highlight three of the smaller staking pool operators (SPOs).

WingRiders DEX: Featured small SPOs

Lending Platform Spaces

The next twitter Spaces we hosted was about how Lending platforms are transforming the Cardano DeFi ecosystem. Speakers were MELD, AADA, and Yamfore and our co-host was Cardano Times.

Ongoing Education Initiatives

As part of our commitment to education, we started a Twitter series featuring other projects on our Twitter account. The first threads featured Pavia (Cardano Metaverse) and MELD, which were well-received by the community.

Continuous Platform Developments

As in the previous quarter, there were a lot of new technological developments this month. We have already mentioned a few in this blog, but others were developments to enable a better user experience with double-yield farms, more efficient and safer swapping, other UX/UI improvements, and a breakdown of important swap data. We are continually working on improving our platform to make it better and more user-friendly.

Farm Yields Going Strong

It was also great to see that farm performance across the board is strong, given the current macro market conditions.

WingRiders DEX: Yield Farming APR and rewards table

Amazing Quintuple Rewards

We are still the only project in Cardano currently offering quintuple gains on our farms by utilizing the double-yield farms and the Boosting Vault.

Don’t forget to keep up to date with our latest announcements on Twitter and Telegram and join our Discord community if you haven’t already.

WingRiders DEX: Quintuple Rewards Explained


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