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WingRiders - Looking back before we hit the button

as the WRT TGE is closer and closer, it is a great time to reflect and look back at what has led to this moment and give thanks and praise to those who helped and those who inspired us into achieving the current state of the project.

WingRiders - Looking back before we hit the button





Hey Riders,

as the WRT TGE is closer and closer, it is a great time to reflect and look back at what has led to this moment and give thanks and praise to those who helped and those who inspired us into achieving the current state of the project.

Due to the market conditions, it’s very hard to predict how our token will perform overall, with that in line ties our TVL and thus the market position. But regardless of this, whether you’re up or down, the key principles remain the same in this Cardano community that we all love. We all work hard and strive for the stars.

In the beginning, when we decided to build the DEX it was still questionable whether a fully functional AMM DEX could be built and work on Plutus scripts. As our POC concluded it seemed to be feasible, then came the time of our MVP before the journey to the launch. There were other Cardano milestones along the way

  • MuseliSwap became the 1st Order book DEX on Cardano Mainnet by the end of November 21.
  • Meow Swap launched as the 1st AMM platform on Milkomeda mid December 21.
  • We as WingRiders launched AMM DEX wallet testnet mid-December and had committed back in January to an addition of a platform interface besides the Nu.Fi wallet embedded integration.
  • In February came Sundeaswap, a long-expected AMM player on Mainnet. It was wonderful to see a working AMM Dex on Plutus and wonder about the overall potential of such platforms.
  • We as WingRiders launched our Platform AMM testnet in March.
  • Also in March Minswap a community-built project launched and started to bring innovation in its UI and pools of an AMM trading platform. An ecosystem milestone was as well that they disclosed their source code and this gave a chance to Muesliswap in creating their AMM.
  • WingRiders launched on mainnet on the 12th of April 2022 with the first ADA autostaking in the Liquidity pools, Stablecoins, ETH, BTC, HW wallets including Ledger android native support.

To this day Minswap project remains a source of friendly competitive inspiration for the WingRiders team. The teams got to know each other under very exceptional and stressful circumstances. Fortunately, the relationship remains competitively neutral. Sometimes some members of both our communities like to create FUD or take a swing at the others, this is a bit sad as a DAO driven mindset we would wish all to get along more, but maybe with more time this will be improving. Most importantly we are all focused on the further development of Cardano. Those who have been in crypto for a while understand that sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. That’s crypto :)

Looking back we would like to express our thanks to our partners without whom we would have never gotten this far. We’d also like to thank SundaeSwap, Minswap and Muesli swap teams for helping us pioneer this wild Cardano AMM space. And for pushing us to deliver our best in light of healthy competition.

Also we would like to thank Milkomeda for helping us to bring stablecoins and ETH and BTC to Cardano, Celer and Nomad for powering the movement of WRT tokens across 3 chains.

We are also grateful how NuFi showcased our ability to deeply integrate a DEX into another dApp, on our journey to become an infrastructure piece for Cardano projects.

A big thank you deserve as well our token buyers from all sale rounds and the thousands and thousands of liquidity providers powering the platform. You put trust in our product and vision before immediate liquid financial APR. We remain humbled by your trust and work our hardest to worthy of it.

Lastly we thank all our IDO partners: DAO Maker, Vent & Occam in conducting our sales and making them a success.

In any market, the community, partners and competitors propel a project forward, and hence through this blog we wanted to show our gratitude to everyone in the space who supported and inspired us thus far. Once again a big thank you. And may we all together make it to record heights of Cardano & ADA.

Do not forget any success of WingRiders token drives the real world impact of our Ecology impact fund.







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