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WingRiders AMA session July 26, 2023

Transcript of the AMA from WingRiders Discord session, July 26, 2023:

WingRiders AMA session July 26, 2023

Transcript of the AMA from WingRiders Discord session, July 26, 2023:

When will we have native fees in WRT on the WingRiders DEX?

🚀 We’ve already kickstarted the implementation of native fees in WRT.

📅 It’s a work in progress, and we expect to complete it within the next 3 months. However, the timeline may be influenced by other priorities and the prevailing market situation.

🎙️ Rest assured, we’ll keep the community informed as we move forward with the integration.

Is there a release of a V2 planned? What new features will it introduce? Will it change the UI (redesign)? When is the launch expected?

🚧 We are currently evaluating the additional features and benefits of the V2. We want to make sure that the new version is a revolution and not just an evolution. Currently, we are still missing key elements in the ecosystem maturity to enable more advanced revolutionary features. As for timing, we are evaluating whether the release would make sense this year or potentially do it next year.

🚀 As for speed there are additional updates planned solely for speed, not as part of V2 development.

If one or more catalyst proposals from WingRiders get approved, how will it impact dev time allocation? Can we expect delays in the roadmap due to this scenario?

🗺️ All of the Catalyst proposals align with our roadmap in terms of adding new features, increasing security, or expanding our user base. They came from our development pain points or ideas that could improve our platform.

🛠️ Heavy focus is on providing tools we will use, which also benefit the whole ecosystem. This will positively influence the ecosystem, bring new users, and improve our ties with it.

According to your progress & testing so far, will v2 release make WingRiders remarkably the fastest DEX on Cardano for swaps & UI responsiveness? Will we see something implemented, that no one has figured out yet to achieve the above goal? Please speculate if needed, because the above goal, seems to be the main key in creating hype, in order to attract liquidity, since WingRiders at that particular area has been left behind for months now, in comparison to other DEXes.

Consider our catalyst proposals as a snippet of what we have planned, and you’ll find they addressed all of your questions:

💨 Database synchronization SDK aims to improve the stability and speed of our DEX in a way that’s not currently possible on Cardano.

🖼️ NFT Staking will bring more users to the whole ecosystem and WingRiders in particular, as it offers a completely new way of staking NFTs no one else provides on Cardano.

🔐 Others improve security and give more control to the users. Connecting with the ecosystem, attracting more projects, and expanding the user base will improve our DEX greatly.

If said proposals don’t get funded, will this stop implementation? Will WingRiders use own funds?

💰 All proposals add value to our project and the whole ecosystem. We will pursue them, aiming to improve our infrastructure and platform. We wish to have them benefit the whole community so that we reach new users and project connections. NFT staking in particular depends on the market demand. If it doesn’t get funded, it’s an indication that there’s not enough demand for it and we will postpone it until sufficient market demand presents itself.

On February 14 Cardano forked “Valentine” to make it possible to connect to other major blockchain networks. Muesliswap has been connected to another network for a long time. Why does WingRiders not have in mind to be a pioneer in allowing to operate in other blockchain networks and take the initiative to become competitive again in TVL? The USDA is going to be delayed, we don’t know until when and in stableswap I saw that there was barely $76,000 last week.

🗳️ Very good question, we are definitely open to initiatives in a multi-chain approach. However, Milkomeda is not doing so well right now, therefore we do not see a sense to expand there. As for other networks, let's have a proposals and DAO voting so the community drives this major decision.

It is difficult for the community to make such technical proposals. WingRiders core team should have more interest in this topic from my point of view.

Would be interesting to do maybe a community poll on this just to gauge interest and options for future consideration?

Don’t know. What I do know is that what is interesting is to raise the price of the WRT to give higher returns by spending fewer tokens and thus attract much more TVL to raise the price again and feed the spiral. Wouldn’t connecting to other networks do all this?

As long as those other networks do not have saturated DEX market, have enough liquidity and relevant user base size.

Apart from Milkomeda, which other networks are you thinking of?

🌐 Many were and still are under active consideration.

Do we have any update about forthcoming stablecoins on Cardano, like USDA for example? Or any sort of communication, that we can speculate on upcoming liquidity expected by them.

🔐 We cannot share any additional information that is subject to NDA and as for public information, we have the same access as anybody out there.

Will WRT have any use case on the upcoming launchpad?

👍 Very good question, we don’t want to spoil its launch. You will be able to find all this information on the launchpad release.

Are you planning to enable staking for WRT token only? Milk already has active staking, Minswap proposed it through a vote that will go live next Monday, do you have an idea about it?

🚪 We do not want to support these kinds of models, where one-sided staking dilutes the token. Our Boosting vault is there to support liquidity, overall trading, and long-term holders of our platform token.

Do you plan to make this kind of AMA session permanent? Like once a month?

We are going to make it a regular format for sure. Discussion & feedback from the community is important 💡

Come join us and add questions for our next one here.

Decentralised batching agents — I understand this is something still in the works for later but is there anything you can share about what sort of requirements or recommendations there would be for someone to take this role on in the future? what’s required? technical knowledge, infrastructure? does WRT have a role or utility to play in this?

🛠️ We plan to build it in a way, that is easily runnable by people in the community without specific technical knowledge of Cardano. Any required knowledge will be documented in the code repository so that the average user can run it. Additionally, there will be checks with collateral, needed to preserve security from malicious actors.



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