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Will GameFi Increase Its Popularity? [Experts Prediction]

Consider a future where you may earn money just by playing online games. Not bogus virtual cash, but the kind of currency that actually covers expenses and puts a meal on the plate. Consider how all of the resources in a game, such as avatars, clothes, and equipment, may be traded in real life.

Will GameFi Increase Its Popularity? [Experts Prediction]

Consider a future where you may earn money just by playing online games. Not bogus virtual cash, but the kind of currency that actually covers expenses and puts a meal on the plate. Consider how all of the resources in a game, such as avatars, clothes, and equipment, may be traded in real life.  This is GameFi's commitment – possibly Web3's most attractive feature. Furthermore, it's the fact that several of the space's most dynamic players believe it is only a matter of time. 

Previously, video games were stored on centralised servers controlled by a gaming organisation with the verifiable capacity to bring the universe to a halt at any time. Furthermore, players had no true accountability for the gear, weapons, or medals they acquired via their characters. Everything was created solely inside the limits of the simulation and had no actual worth outside of it. Because of its decentralisation and dependence on frameworks, this is not the case with GameFi goods. The perks of truly holding computerised assets in a game are starting to be seen as something amazing, yet also as one that grants you authority as a player.

//unsplash.com/photos/xkpJzSANfNYImage source: https://unsplash.com/photos/xkpJzSANfNY

An Overview of GameFi

GameFi, a combination of the words "game" and "finance," refers to blockchain gaming with cash incentives to participate in them, often known as "play-to-earn" games.

Players can regularly gain in-game prizes by task completion, fighting opposing players, or advancing throughout different game stages. Many current play-to-earn games depend primarily on what game developers call a crushing technique, in which players must consume a significant amount of energy inside a game to progress or open awards like crypto tokens. In-game resources such as virtual property, icons, weaponry, and skins also serve as prizes. These resources are mostly NFTs, which operate as a "digital property" transferring possession of a product of digital craftsmanship or a multimedia record. NFTs, like digital currency, is based on the blockchain, which means they may be removed from gameplay and bought or traded on a commercial exchange.

All games have their own business and system. However, these digital resources typically include some type of financial incentive to their participants, whether it's because they fought a battle and obtained crypto, auctioned an NFT they acquired in-game or fined individual players a lease for remaining on their digital property. Players can also earn recurring, automated revenue without ever playing the game by leasing their gaming resources to other gamers in play-to-earn games. Presenting skills like these decentralises the game even further, but it also enables users to impact the formation of the real game through DAOs. 

Decentraland players, for instance, gain electoral power on in-game hierarchical plans based on the total amount of substantial resources in their wallet affiliated with the DAO. Tokens, or MANA, "names" (which enables users to trade tokens), and virtual property bundles are among them. That is the theory: the more assets and properties a player owns, the more significant their position in the game is, and hence the greater their authority within the DAO. Naturally, tokenomics (market interest in particular crypto) differ depending on the game. The majority of the companies creating these games, though, are providing funding through token deals. The way these tokens are distributed and utilised and whether or not they are limited differs.

The Boom of GameFi

Algorithmic patterns have always been at the core of the gaming world. Games have presented various ideas that are recognised in the crypto realm, ranging from basic 2D and 3D graphics to VR (virtual reality). Gamers have long been accustomed to incentive systems such as unlockables and badges. The NFT and GameFi domains have leaned to the mainstream gaming business for reference in a variety of ways, adopting ideas like customisation to increase client interest and excitement. Crypto games are currently challenging the market for mainstream games since GameFi releases enable players to generate income as they play and are rewarded for their amount of effort. Over 75 percent of players require their digital assets to be traded for cash which they can utilise on various platforms. GameFi has increased in popularity because it enables players to barter and gather virtual assets with tangible currency.

If you are a newbie and are interested in investing in NFTs or crypto gaming, you should slow down. Many have been attracted to GameFi because of its interesting interactive features where you have the chance to earn while having fun. Although it may sound exciting, there are also risks that come with it. NFTs, like any other cryptocurrencies, are volatile in nature. You should not depend solely on your guts and excitement; thus, seek assistance from experts on crypto platforms. 

There are a lot of existing platforms that assure a safe and reliable trading journey. If you’re looking for a platform that offers you game access in the crypto sector, Bitcoin Profit can be an all-rounder solution: from NFTs, crypto trading to GameFi. 

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/7MoDSTnTw4U

GameFi for a Living 

GameFi users acquire a series of rewards that may be traded for a variety of digital currencies. GameFi gamers can open redesigns, corrective upgrades such as "skins," new guides and weaponry, heroes, or in-game funds, much as in standard videogames. Unlike conventional records, these gamers can exchange their unlockables and material for an equivalent digital currency that occurs beyond the game. Other players may need to purchase and utilise certain digital currencies to buy in-game merchandise, so the crypto itself has significance. 

As an outcome, users can purchase, barter, and trade their cryptocurrency for other digital currencies or even their fiat currency. In the Philippines, gamers have used their GameFi profit to increase their wages or, in any case, to cover rent. If mainstream games have always delivered amusement, crypto games have the distinct benefit of giving players to generate income as they play. The in-game economy develops in a roundabout manner whenever gamers buy in-game resources. Axie Infinity is one of the most popular crypto games since it allows players to open digital goods that allow them to reach their game targets. Obviously, these digital goods vary in distinctive ways, and as a result, they have legitimate worth when traded online. 

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/A6a-io0y02o

The Future of Crypto Gaming

Although GameFi's foundations may be linked back to the founding of cryptocurrency, it is now receiving universal attention. The phenomenal progress of Axie Infinity has proven this. In August 2021, the well-known GameFi project became the first in a long time to exceed $1 billion in revenue, with over 1 million regular gamers.

New GameFi initiatives are drawing market investors, fan communities, and institutional financing, thanks to the evolving development in crypto gaming. This, according to experts, is perhaps the most probable pathway to mass acceptance, including the utilisation of blockchain systems. As GameFi initiatives acquire a foothold among mainstream players, crypto literacy is likely to expand.

As predicted, GameFi is gaining a significant share of the $175 billion gaming industry. Game players have been deeply inspired by and educated about in-game monetary rules, restricted digital goods, and tokenisation without acquiring financial value. Obviously, GameFi initiatives that contain this diverse set of components while also directly compensating gamers financially will be more enticing. A union is expected to further the development of GameFI by providing a framework for game improvements and gatherings for programmers and gamers to organise, cooperate, and exchange ideas and establish standard norms. GameFi is quickly expanding, with a total market cap of $14 billion for fueling blockchain gaming. However, considering the enormous scale of the gaming market, the overall market potential presents several more possibilities for development.



With the combined market cap of best games over $14 billion, GameFi has proactively created a substantial forward pace. Key evaluation experts in the crypto sector, on the other hand, think this particular field will be essential to boosting digital money acceptance.

The GameFi design is significantly superior compared to internet games. As blockchain and NFT games recommend the business's fate, the play-to-earn framework will eventually be the key to universal crypto recognition. With rising interests of the public and a flood of investment, this potential industry's opportunities are endless.


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