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Why Cardano?

Cardano is setting new standards in the blockchain world with its emphasis on security through rigorous academic research, a fee system that users can count on, and a strong sense of community.

Why Cardano?

Cardano is setting new standards in the blockchain world with its emphasis on security through rigorous academic research, a fee system that users can count on, and a strong sense of community. Its mission to leverage blockchain for societal good makes it a standout platform for developers and users looking for a blockchain solution that is both practical and forward-thinking. This article delves into Cardano, its consensus mechanism, focus on research, and more.

Consensus Mechanism

The Cardano blockchain is powered by Ouroboros, a groundbreaking proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism that sets itself apart through its exceptional energy efficiency and solid security measures. As the first PoS protocol verified for its security and supported by peer-reviewed research, Ouroboros integrates sophisticated cryptographic methods, combinatorial algorithms, and mathematical game theory principles. This integration is designed to safeguard security, ensure sustainability, and enhance the performance of the distributed networks relying on it.

A standout feature of Ouroboros over conventional proof-of-work (PoW) systems, such as Bitcoin’s, is its dramatically lower energy demand. By achieving consensus without the need for the energy-guzzling mining seen in PoW, Cardano’s approach is up to four million times more energy-efficient than Bitcoin. This efficiency gain does not come at the cost of security. Ouroboros maintains network safety as long as the majority (51%) of the network’s stake is in the hands of honest participants, a condition that can be mathematically verified through mechanisms like random leader selection.

The foundational principles and technological innovations of Ouroboros have not only established Cardano as a leader in blockchain technology but have also influenced other blockchain projects, including Polkadot. This underscores the importance of Ouroboros in the broader blockchain ecosystem, highlighting its role in setting new standards for design and innovation in the industry.

Academic Research & Peer Review

Cardano’s approach to blockchain technology is firmly grounded in scientific research and peer review, distinguishing it within the industry. Through its collaboration with Input Output Global (IOG) and partnerships with academic institutions such as the University of Edinburgh, Cardano has committed to a development strategy that emphasizes academic rigor. This commitment is evidenced by nearly 200 peer-reviewed research papers published by IOG, which have been extensively cited across the blockchain sector, underlining Cardano’s significant contribution to the field. Notably, every technological implementation within Cardano, from its consensus mechanism to network protocols, has been derived from this foundational research, ensuring that the platform’s advancements are both innovative and scientifically validated.

The selection of Haskell as Cardano’s programming language and the implementation of the Extended UTXO model are direct outcomes of this research-focused ethos. These strategic decisions highlight Cardano’s priority on security and robustness, with the aim of establishing the platform as one of the most secure in the blockchain ecosystem. The bedrock of peer-reviewed research, coupled with strategic academic collaborations, gives Cardano a unique competitive edge. It positions the platform as an optimal solution for those in search of a blockchain platform that is technologically advanced, rigorously tested, and scientifically proven.

Network Security

Haskell was chosen for Cardano due to its strong type system and formal methods, ideal for creating high-assurance code necessary in sectors where reliability is crucial, such as aviation, medical software, and banking. This emphasis on pure, immutable functions meets blockchain’s need for deterministic and secure operations, enhancing Cardano’s reliability and security.

Haskell’s use across critical industries underlines its capacity to handle complex financial operations with precision and formal verification, aligning with Cardano’s vision to revolutionize the financial system by providing scalable, sustainable solutions. This strategy aims to drive global change, making financial systems more inclusive, transparent, and equitable, leveraging technology for a fairer world for all.

Deterministic Fees

Cardano’s deterministic fee model is a game-changer for a broad spectrum of users, including individuals, businesses, and protocols, offering a level of predictability and transparency seldom seen in transaction costs. This model directly links fees to the actual resources utilized, enabling all users to precisely anticipate transaction expenses ahead of time. Such clarity is especially advantageous for developers and enterprises, facilitating meticulous financial planning and operational budgeting.


While Cardano may have been slower in adoption compared to other Layer 1 platforms that established their ecosystems earlier, its community is exceptionally active, supportive, and deeply invested in the platform’s vision for making a significant change in the world. This vibrant community doesn’t just win social media polls or show high levels of engagement and contributions to the protocol’s development; it actively participates in initiatives that make a real-world impact. Among these contributors is Vahid, a stake pool operator who runs the Ada4Good stake pool and donates 50% of their margin fees to Save The Children organization, exemplifying the community’s commitment to philanthropy and making a positive difference beyond the digital realm. Members, projects, and stake pool operators alike share in Cardano’s vision of fostering positive change, supporting impactful projects such as Empowa, which aims to make homeownership more affordable in Africa, and World Mobile, working on connecting the unconnected. Additionally, the community backs initiatives like LenFi and FluidTokens, which empower individuals to become their own bank through decentralized finance. These efforts, among many others, reflect the community’s commitment not only to the technical success of Cardano but to its ethos of collective improvement and making a tangible difference in the world.


Reflecting on Cardano’s attributes, it’s evident that its strength lies in a harmonious blend of technological foresight, active community engagement, and a steadfast commitment to advancing a sustainable and equitable digital finance landscape. By prioritizing security, efficiency, and inclusivity, Cardano has become a clear choice within the blockchain industry, poised to significantly influence the trajectory of digital finance and blockchain technology. The platform’s dedication to fostering an accessible, transparent, and fair financial future highlights its potential to redefine the standards of blockchain utility and adoption.


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