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USDA Launch Delayed Due to Regulatory Concerns

The Delayed Launch of $USDA on Cardano

USDA Launch Delayed Due to Regulatory Concerns

The Delayed Launch of $USDA on Cardano

The highly anticipated $USDA stablecoin launch on Cardano has faced significant regulatory headwinds in the United States, leading to a pause in its release. Despite being tech-ready, the creators of $USDA and Anzens have encountered challenges stemming from regulatory uncertainty surrounding stablecoins. This uncertainty has been exacerbated by the SEC’s assertion of its power to regulate stablecoins.

Recognizing the importance of regulatory clarity and the potential risks involved, the team behind $USDA and Anzens made the difficult decision to postpone their launch. Discussions with stakeholders and dApps within the Cardano ecosystem have influenced this choice. Nevertheless, they remain dedicated to their vision of empowering economic growth, innovation, and financial freedom through their stablecoin and related products.

Weighing the Risks and Moving Forward Strategically

The regulatory uncertainty in the U.S. has introduced unforeseen challenges and risks for stablecoin providers. As a result, the creators of $USDA prioritize the safety of their ecosystem and refrain from exposing it to unnecessary risks. They are taking a very Cardano-like approach, embracing the ethos of “measure twice and cut once.” While progress is essential, they believe that proceeding with the launch requires a clear and secure path forward, even if it means taking a strategic pause.

Launching $USDA without regulatory clarity could potentially expose the Cardano ecosystem to scrutiny by the SEC and other regulatory authorities. The SEC has recently asserted its power to regulate stablecoins, and without clear guidelines, the launch of $USDA could attract unwanted attention and legal implications.

By taking a strategic pause and waiting for regulatory clarity, the creators of $USDA and Anzens aim to protect the ecosystem from potential consequences and ensure compliance with evolving regulatory requirements. Their cautious approach demonstrates their commitment to maintaining the integrity of the project and safeguarding the interests of users and stakeholders within the Cardano community.

Regulatory compliance is of utmost importance, and moving forward without proper clarity could have detrimental effects on the overall stability and credibility of the ecosystem. By diligently weighing the risks and seeking a clear and secure path forward, the creators of $USDA and Anzens are positioning themselves for a successful launch that aligns with regulatory standards and promotes sustainable growth within the Cardano ecosystem.

New Possibilities and the FSC Meeting

During this pause, the creators of $USDA and Anzens are actively exploring alternative paths to ensure their stablecoin’s success and compliance with regulations. Innovation continues to be a driving force in their pursuit.

Interestingly, the U.S. House Financial Services Committee (FSC) is also working towards providing regulatory clarity for the digital asset ecosystem. Representative Patrick McHenry, the FSC chairman, announced the markup of legislation aimed at addressing concerns related to stablecoins and other digital assets. The committee convened on July 26 to discuss these legislative proposals.

The legislation includes the Clarity for Payment Stablecoins Act of 2023 (H.R. 4766), which seeks to bring regulatory clarity for stablecoins designed for use in payments. The bill aims to establish a digital asset market structure framework tailored to the unique characteristics of digital assets and address national security concerns. H.R. 4766 can be read in full here: Link

The memorandum of the committee meeting discussing the proposed legislation can be found here: Link

The new draft bill is half the length of a previous version and is closely tailored to focus on rules governing the registration and approval process for individual prospective stablecoin issuers.

Stablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency issued by private entities and designed to maintain a stable value pegged to a traditional asset, like the U.S. dollar or a short-term Treasury bill. They are not used in brick-and-mortar commerce or typically accepted as payment for goods, but have become very popular on crypto platforms.

The bill contains many of the features of a version that was negotiated last year, such as the requirement that payment stablecoin issuers be approved and regulated by either a “federal payment stablecoin regulator” or a “registered State qualified payment stablecoin issuer.”

To be approved as an issuer, a stablecoin provider would need to meet reserve capital requirements and provide monthly disclosures of their reserve portfolios. The draft bill also clarifies and updates U.S. law to confirm that stablecoins are not securities, and by extension, should not be regulated by the SEC.


As the U.S. advances digital asset and stablecoin regulations, the Cardano community eagerly anticipates updates on Anzens’ $USDA launch and the resolution of regulatory uncertainties. The delay reflects a responsible approach, prioritizing compliance and security in a dynamic regulatory landscape.

Regulatory clarity is crucial for the cryptocurrency industry’s growth, with proposed legislation fostering confidence and innovation. The impact of these regulatory efforts on stablecoins’ future both in the U.S. and beyond remains to be seen.

Despite the delay, it’s essential for Anzens to proceed with the $USDA launch. Cardano requires a USD-backed or Euro-backed stablecoin to facilitate seamless transactions, provide a reliable store of value, and drive financial inclusion, liquidity, and DeFi innovation within the network.


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