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Token Spotlight: NVL

NVL is the governance and utility token of the Nuvola Protocol.

Token Spotlight: NVL

NVL is the governance and utility token of the Nuvola Protocol. Nuvola is a DePIN aggregator on the Cardano blockchain that provides ecosystem participants with simplified exposure to multiple revenue streams from Decentralized Physical Infrastructure projects without the technical know-how or ability. This article delves into the NVL token, it’s utility, and more.

NVL Distribution & Tokenomics

NVL Distribution Pro page on TapTools

NVL has a total supply of 21 million tokens. Currently 15.75 million of these are in circulation, equivalent to 75 of the tokens supply. At 0.367 ADA per token, NVL has a Market Cap of $2,705,867 and a Diluted Market Cap of $3,607,822.

There are currently 950 wallets holding the NVL token, an increase of 50.31% since the token launched last week. The token has a Median Holder Balance of 2.15K NVL, equivalent to 809.77 ADA, and an Average Holder Age of 4.91 days.

NVL Tokenomics

The above image details the tokenomics of the NVL token.


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NVL has 328.4K ADA in liquidity across 2 Decentralized Exchanges on the Cardano blockchain. The vast majority of this liquidity is on the Minswap DEX, which holds 99.61% of total liquidity, followed by VyFinance which holds 0.39% of the token’s liquidity.


NVL Volume Profiler Pro page on TapTools

NVL has a Lifetime Trading Volume of 4.15 million ADA across 3,097 trades on Decentralized exchanges, equivalent to 14.76M NVL. 2.12 million ADA of this was buy volume, and 2.03 million ADA was sell volume.

The fish (5–25K ADA) and swordfish (25–100K ADA) wallet sizes are leading the trading volume for this token. There has been very little whale activity since it is a fairly new token, signaling a potentially lucrative opportunity for early investors of the token.


We’ll now delve into the utility that NVL has to offer.


NVL holders will receive 50% of revenue generated from the protocol’s DePIN nodes and other services.

Revenue Sharing

NVL holders will receive 50% of revenue generated from the protocols DePIN nodes.


Nuvola stands out as the inaugural DePIN aggregator on the Cardano blockchain. The introduction of NVL allows participants in the ecosystem to engage with multiple DePIN projects effortlessly, even without advanced technical knowledge. Throughout this article, we have discussed the specifics of NVL’s utility, its distribution, liquidity, trading volume, and the roles it offers in governance and revenue sharing. With a significant portion of its total supply already circulating and an increasing number of wallet holders since its recent launch, NVL is poised at a critical stage of its evolution. It will be interesting to see how Novula and its NVL token develop over the coming months and years.

You can find out more about Nuvola at the following link: https://www.nuvoladigital.io/

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