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The recent cryptocurrency Bullrun made many changes in this digitally-centralized market. Many coins lost their momentum while others reached new milestones throughout their journeys. For XRP, it’s been a very nostalgic and relatable journey. Remember when you used to almost get a passing grade at school, and you become happy for a few minutes before you see all your friends getting way higher grades than you? That’s exactly what’s happening with XRP today. Let’s see who those “friends” are and see how they managed to surpass XRP by market cap.

Market Cap Timeline

1- XRP has always been #3

For almost 3 years now, XRP has always been known to be the third biggest cryptocurrency by market cap. First biggest crypto is obviously Bitcoin, followed by Ether, then comes XRP followed by Tether.

2- Tether surpasses XRP

When the SEC lawsuit hit XRP, its prices fell down sharply. Tether managed to surpass during this phase XRP which dropped to #4 biggest cryptocurrency by market cap. XRP prices went back to previous consolidation prices of USD 0.23 cents while Tether gained more market cap due to the overall crypto bullrun, and people needing to get buy Tether in order to move to other cryptos.

3- Cardano surpasses XRP

While XRP suffers to recover, Cardano had major positive changes and updates to their blockchain, making investors flock the latter and dump the former. This move came unexpected as the difference in market cap was so small between the two.

4- XRP market cap dominance deteriorates

Following Cardano’s domination, two other cryptocurrencies exploded in prices, and in turn, brought their market cap higher, and those coins are non-other than Binance Coin and Polkadot. XRP is not even in the competition anymore, with a market cap difference from the weakest of USD 4 Billion.

New Top 10 list – Market Cap

Despite a bigger overall market cap, the top 10 list changed significantly. Binance Coin which barely used to be #10, stands today at #4, while XRP went down to #7. Here’s the current list of the Top 10 in USD:

1- Bitcoin (BTC) : 966 Billion

2- Ether (ETH) : 217 Billion

3- Tether (USDT) : 33 Billion

4- Binance Coin (BNB): 29.5 Billion  

5- Cardano (ADA) : 29.1 Billion  

6- Polkadot (DOT) : 28.6 Billion

7- Ripple (XRP) : 24.7 Billion 

8- Litecoin (LTC): 15.3 Billion

9- Bitcoin Cash (BCH) : 13.3 Billion

10- Chainlink (LINK) : 13.2 Billion 

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