This crypto is 3 times better than Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano or Solana

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Capitalizing on the volatility of the cryptocurrency market can be risky, whether you’re trading little-known altcoins or staples like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have had a very eventful journey last year. To minimize exposure, many cryptocurrency traders turn to low risk strategies that are less likely to make you vulnerable to sudden changes in market trends.

RBIS is precisely a crypto offering such an alternative: the native token behind ArbiSmart offers a cryptocurrency arbitrage automated. The project has continued to gain in popularity since its launch in 2019. Since then, the price of the RBIS token has already increased by 640%.

A shield against a downtrend

ArbiSmart’s crypto arbitrage platform makes money from temporary price disparities that often occur due to differences in trading volume and liquidity between different sized trading platforms. The platform is connected to nearly 40 exchanges that it automatically monitors 24 hours a day. When a crypto is available at different prices simultaneously, the algorithm buys it on the exchange platform where the price is the lowest, then sells it where it is highest, thus making a profit.


The most obvious benefit is that if the cryptocurrency market were to suddenly collapse, the price differences between exchanges would continue to appear so consistently. In a bullish or bearish market environment, you get the same reliable returns, which makes ArbiSmart a great hedge against a crypto crash.

The principle of operation is as follows: you register, you fund your account, in fiat money or in cryptocurrencies, then the algorithm does everything else. It converts your investment into RBIS and then uses it to perform crypto arbitrage. Profits start at 10.8% per year (0.9% per month) and can reach up to 45% per year (3.75% per month), depending on the amount invested. The returns are so reliable that you can calculate in advance the exact amount of your earnings over a given period.

A slew of new services

The project has been steadily growing in popularity, with 150% year-over-year growth in 2020 and a huge increase in platform usage since then. The price of the token has been steadily rising and analysts predict an increase of 4,000% by 2023 !


This is mainly due to the fact that the project team is launching major developments, which are likely to increase the price of the token. In recent months, significant upgrades have been made to the system architecture, and between Q4 2021 and Q1 2022, a series of new RBIS utilities have been introduced, including an interest-generating portfolio backed by crypto and fiats, a mobile app, a crypto credit card and a yield farming program.

In the last quarter of 2021, another step will be taken, when RBIS will be listed and become tradable. After that, you will have to buy the token on an exchange to be able to use any RBIS utility, which should further increase the price. However, as demand increases, the supply of the RBIS token is limited, capped at 450 million.

A boost to your balance


As we have noted, crypto arbitrage returns can reach up to 45% per year depending on the amount of your investment and your account balance will be further boosted by compound interest on those gains.

Another potential source of passive profits is the ArbiSmart savings account: if you choose to store your capital in cryptocurrency in a blocked account, for a predetermined period, you can earn up to 1% extra per day, depending on the amount deposited.

Then there are the capital gains. The RBIS token has grown by over 500% in just 2 years and is following a steady upward trajectory.

The RBIS token outshines some of the biggest names in the cryptosphere. While it has remained under the radar so far, it is starting to create a buzz and with the upcoming listing as well as the new utilities, the price should soon see a spike. To buy RBIS before the price climbs much higher, Click here.

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