The march of the Cardano Planet (Charles) token

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You keep staring at the candle and something is just not right. It isn’t right because you don’t understand that something could be great even if the colour is green or red. You are not used to this. You get into an euphoric state when your coins’ value on the crypto market is rising. If you are shorting them, you get excited about the red bars. But let’s admit, this is not usual. It’s known that most of the small investors come off badly especially when they lack the experience and the psychological tolerance.

I met Cardano crypto at the beginning of the year. I read a lot and I saw that there was a serious job behind it and a lot of opportunities ahead of it. I purchased a couple of hundreds of it. Then I soon found out that it has real fanatic supporters. Approximately from May till the second half of July the market was down and we, Cardano holders, showed the real holding power as a community compared to other crypto communities. We all hold it despite the falling trends. We soon realised the falling was temporary.

Surely, it’s always better if your investments are not just standing still but rising up. I soon came to Yoroi wallet where I went into my first pool. I put my ADA into the first one I saw. Some days later I heard about the GULAS pool and I joined their group. I saw their website and what they do. They are big experts for sure. So I joined them and put all my coins into their pool later.

I have to admit that they were talking in Chinese to me. Half of their conversations I didn’t understand and I had to use the jargon dictionary all the time. They added a video of a random guy who I never saw or heard of. They treated him as a half-God. And this man said GULAS and even spelled it in his video. The hungarians’ GULAS pool won an IOHK competition and 3 million ADA coins got delegated to their pool. This video was the announcement of this.

Today I know who the man was who read GULAS with a cute smile and with an foreign accent: Charles Hoskins mathematician, the founder of Cardano and co-founder of Ethereum.

Later on these GULAS guys got the honor to create the Hungarian part of the Yoroi wallet which is the holy place of the Cardano fans. Although they were working on something else, something different in the background.

Around 2 weeks ago we got the news in our group that these guys created the CHARLES token to pay tribute to this bearded man. It seemed a bit unrealistic that either way you will win if you join but because they had already had my trust, I joined too. At this time I had only heard a little about Pancake, Poocoin and the swapping business. The professionals, like some bedouin virgin’s mother before the wedding night, explained step-by-step what I need to do with infinite patience. The transaction did happen, I got successfully swap-baptised. They even gave a very detailed course of the basics on the following day where only 8 of us were there with them.

And the chart launched. First very slowly, constantly. There were people who left. Some others joined. Up and down. Days went by with a small traffic. We already saw that if someone sells, I receive ADA coins into my wallet. Not a little compared to other crypto pools, swps and other tools. If the price went up, the capital went up, like in the books. It was unbelievable, especially after hearing some stories about frauds and scams in the BSC world.

Other people got the jist of it too, because the pair of dozens of stockholders reached the 500 on the 22nd of August and the exchange rate increased by 700 times by then. Some hours later the market cap exceeded the 1 million dollar dream boundary.

In the Telegram group the tension is palpable. They are in the right place. They know that after so many scams and sufferings they are in the right place now. It’s pretty obvious as it’s clearly seen that the world’s third strongest crypto keeps flowing into their wallets. They are already awarded by just holding the CHARLES tokens. We call it uncle Karcsi after the hungarian cartoon series, called Frakk.

Furthermore, the founders of CHARLES token donate as well. The transactions so far were enough to support the Hungarian Child Rescue Foundation (Magyar Gyermekmentő Alapítvány) by $5000. The amount is getting transferred to the organisation one of these days.

Charles token of CARDANO PLANET’s march is way not over yet. The listing is just going to happen soon. The multilingual website is on it’s way. Not just the Hungarians will get the taste of it. This is a pearl in the mud!

The article was written by H Ádám, a Holder 🙂 We thank you a lot!

Translated: MrDavidSimon

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