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Dexhunter It is a DEX aggregator that aims to bring the best value for your tokens by optimized transaction splitting through various DEX.


1/ What is DEXHUNTER ?

Dexhunter It is a DEX aggregator that aims to bring the best value for your tokens by optimized transaction splitting through various DEX. Their goal is to process 50% + of swaps on the Cardano blockchain. As we speak they capture 39% of global trades.

Just recently added @TeddySwap

2/ The Tokenomics

70% was allocated to presale — they raised 8.83 million ADA and refunded around 3.8M ADA. At the moment the TVL on @MinswapDEX is 1.75M ADA and 1.79M ADA on @SpectrumLabs_ . $HUNT staking will be released in Q1 — The team is working on the legal side.

3 / Staking & protocol revenue sharing

When staking goes live in Q1, Dexhunter is planning share protocol fees with $HUNT stakers. Stake $HUNT and be paid in ADA. This is a very innovative approach that reminds me of the stakeholder / dividend model. To put that in perspective - last week Dexhunter captured $8,146,000 USD in volume which was 34% of transactions on Cardano. I’m excited to see the kind of volume they will get in the bull market.

4/ Platform — Main features

Aggregation, optimization, splitting

Cross-chain swaps partnership and integration (ETA 1–2 weeks)

Market alerts

Unusual market activity, whale transactions, high volumes, and price shifts all in one place.

Custom nodes

Users have access to their custom nodes, that means faster trades, execution. Currently 187 holders have more than 100k $hunt and access to level 10 node.

Leverage trading implementation — Short /Long positions— TBA

5/ Secondary features

Stop-Loss/Take-Profit/ Limit orders

DCA contract being audited and released

Basket of token

Token order book

Trending tokens

6/ $HUNT Utility

Protocol fees distribution — staking (Q1 2024)

Swap discounts

Access to premium locked features — TBA

Dapp Governance

Faster trades — custom nodes — Limited number of level 10 nodes.

Speed bonus by staking with partner SPO

Find SPO’s on https://www.dexhunter.io/

7/ Partnership announced

@TapTools integrated Dexhunter swaps

@Xerberus_io offers risk rating for crypto

@vesprwallet is building a mobile App for Dexhunter and integrating Swaps to their wallet

@snekcoinada — The ultimate cardano memecoin

@DerpBirdsNFT is integrating DH to their App


@eternlwallet — Integrated Dexhunter in wallet swaps (today)

8/ Partnership TBA — 50 Dapps enrolled

9/ Partnership ALPHA

What’s your guess ?
my guess — Derp (already announced) — Polygon or AGIX ? — JPG Store

10/ Dexhunter Team




Wizardtm and Deelate.

They are becoming a powerhouse. Dropping a new feature every week.

10/ @DexHunterIO — NFT Market

They will also be able to attract a wide #NFT user base working on premium features such as NFT sniping (example : https://jngl.io) or other useful NFT tools which will incentivise to hold $HUNT. Could they implement that on @jpgstoreNFT ? Asking for a friend

11/ $HUNT — Price technical analysis

Bullish signal : Low on in RSI. MACD cross on daily chart

12/ Conclusion

I’m extremely impressed with the quality and number of features released since launch. The Team has been constantly adapting and delivering which make me believe they will play a key role in the Cardano ecosystem and excel beyond their initial goals.

In my opinion, with a current market capitalisation of 18,383,764 ₳ Dexhunter has a bright future. With Cross-Chain swaps around the corners and staking coming in Q1 (protocol fees sharing)


is probably one of the most undervalued projects on Cardano.

Dubious speculation — prediction (NFA — my owns views)

Dexhunter will be :

Number 1 Dapp in terms of daily users (I think they already are) — 50% + of all trade volume on cardano.

A top 10 Dapp in terms of Market cap (short /mid term) — 50M ADA Market Cap (that would be around 0.64 ada per $hunt)

Next bull cycle : 300M to 500M ADA Market cap NFA DYOR — my own views

Disclaimer : I’m not affiliated with the Dexhunter team. I don’t receive anything from them. This is my own views and nothing I say must be taken as financial advice. Please always do your research.


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