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The CIP-1694 Temperature Check Partner Vote on Summon Platform

The Summon Platform team is very proud to introduce a Partner Vote opportunity for the CIP-1694 Temperature Check!

The CIP-1694 Temperature Check Partner Vote on Summon Platform

The Summon Platform team is very proud to introduce a Partner Vote opportunity for the CIP-1694 Temperature Check! From Dec 1, 2023 21:44 UTC to Dec 11, 2023 21:44 UTC the Cardano Community will have a chance to express their opinions on the current governance proposal for Cardano. ADA Holders can cast their vote at: https://tempcheck.smmn.app/

As described by the Cardano Foundation:

Cardano has reached an incredible milestone. After six years of initial development and feature cultivation, the Cardano blockchain has reached the age of Voltaire. Guided by a principles-first approach and led by the community, this new age of Cardano advances inclusive accountability for all participants in the ecosystem. Now is the time for the community to help guide our journey toward a shared future by participating in a non-binding poll on the deployment of on-chain governance, as described in CIP-1694. The feedback gathered will help inform 2024 plans and priorities in governance activities and development.

While the Cardano Foundation is offering a chance for ADA holders to vote through the Cardano Ballot app, this tool unfortunately does not support Hardware Wallet users. That is why the Summon Platform, in collaboration with DripDropz, is offering a Partner Vote opportunity that supports the major Cardano Wallets featuring Hardware Wallet integrations.

To cast your vote simply visit https://tempcheck.smmn.app/ and click the “Go Vote!” button. Read the question and choose the option that best reflects your feelings on the governance proposal and Submit your Vote. Alternately, if you trust another ADA holder to act as your delegate representative, you can delegate your vote to their Cardano public address or ADA Handle.

All votes will be collected to the Summon Platform database via cryptographic signatures submitted by Cardano users. This ensures the authenticity of each vote can be verified without requiring the users to pay any on-chain fees. Once the vote has concluded, the vote file will be provided to the Cardano Foundation and made public to the Cardano Community, so that the results can be analyzed and compared to the Cardano Ballot vote.

The voting power assigned to each Cardano user comes from the mark stake snapshot taken on Nov 21, 2023, to ensure that it will correspond with the Cardano Ballot vote. This data was integrated in collaboration with DripDropz as part of their Snapshot-as-a-Service offering.

DripDropz, Cardano’s User Rewards Layer, has been dedicated to pushing the governance, snapshots, and rewards mechanisms of the Cardano ecosystem for over two years. Snapshot-as-a-Service allows you to quickly and easily acquire the on-chain user data you need to host your vote, issue your rewards, and gain insight into your dApp’s wallet distribution impact.

Hardware Wallet support is made possible by technology developed for the SummonAuth service. Because many hardware wallets do not support CIP-8 Message Signing or CIP-30 dApp-Wallet Web Bridge we provide a method for the wallet to sign an expired transaction, which provides cryptographic proof of identity without having to charge any on-chain fees.

The Summon Platform is a revolutionary no-code governance and digital asset management platform. Features include Multi-signature Treasury management, Fee-free snapshot voting in Polls, and the ability to form communities and coordinate DAOs with ease.

For more information visit:
Summon Platform Website
Summon Platform Discord
DripDropz Website
DripDropz Discord
Cardano Ballot on CIP-1694


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