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The Axo Testnet Is Live

The wait is over, and the speculation can finally be put to rest. Yes, Axo is live on testnet! If you can’t wait any longer, you can jump straight in.

The Axo Testnet Is Live

Unveiling the Future of DeFi

The wait is over, and the speculation can finally be put to rest. Yes, Axo is live on testnet! If you can’t wait any longer, you can jump straight in.We've heard the buzz on social media, questioning if we'd ever launch. Well, here we are, and let us tell you - good things take time. Building the next generation of trading isn't just about tweaking existing models; it's about shattering norms and setting new standards. That's exactly what we've done.From developing groundbreaking mathematics of finance to creating xlang, our very own programming language, we've gone above and beyond to set a new bar for what's possible in decentralized finance. 

What to expect

The primary objective of our testnet is to gather robust testing data from large scale protocol use. As we navigate the pre-mainnet launch phase, here's how the protocol on the testnet will operate:Unconventional market behavior: Given that testnet participants will have access to freely minted tokens devoid of any intrinsic value, we anticipate unconventional trading patterns. Such scenarios, which wouldn't typically manifest in a real market, will drive intriguing market dynamics. For instance, the prices between DJED/token X and ADA/token X might diverge considerably, given there is no necessity to arbitrage.Controlled throughput: To enhance the clarity of proofs generated by the Axo protocol, we might intentionally limit the Axo network's throughput, thereby minimizing data noise.Potential network forks: Depending on the insights gathered from the testnet, we might introduce an Axo protocol update. These changes could be as subtle as brief downtimes or, in more extreme cases, necessitate a comprehensive network relaunch. Such updates might occasionally not be backward incompatible, especially if significant modifications are warranted.Feature rollout: Some functionalities, like strategy backtesting, are still in the pipeline, while others have yet to reach their finalized versions.Algorithm Introduction: Our aim with the testnet is to amass high-quality feedback. To achieve this, we've opted for a phased approach to algorithm deployment. We'll commence with simpler algorithms and gradually incorporate more intricate ones as the testnet progresses. While users have the freedom to craft any algorithm using xlang, the protocol's public algorithm bundle will be unveiled in stages to meticulously assess their influence on the protocol.Bugs: Will be found - that’s the goal of the testnet!

Let's get started

Our interface is so efficient and intuitive that it rivals the top centralized exchanges. You can get started by choosing from 2 trading modes: Axo or Axo Basic.

Axo Basic

For those who crave a streamlined experience without the noise.In the world of trading, sometimes less is more. Embrace simplicity and turn Axo Basic on by using the toggle at the top right of the page. Effortless order placement: Whether it's a limit or market order, Axo Basic makes it a breeze. Enjoy simple, fast, and stress-free trading to build your portfolio quickly.Harness the power of DCA: Set up your strategy and relax as the platform automatically invests in your favorite tokens over time, making the process virtually effortless.Clutter-free design: We've stripped away the complexities to offer a clean, intuitive interface. No distractions, just pure trading.Empowerment for all: Axo Basic is simple but powerful. It's the perfect gateway for everyone to take the reins of their financial destiny.


A state-of-the-art trading interface.Designed to simplify the complex and elevate the ordinary. It's not just about trading; it's about creating an environment that improves your trading journey.An interface that gives you trade and market insight: Our user-friendly interface is not just visually pleasing - it’s your essential trading companion. It provides clear visuals of market trends and easy to use charting tools to enhance your trades. A complete overview of the market: See the market breathe, evolve, and come alive. Visualize available liquidity in an intuitive and familiar fashion with our virtual order book, which projects every state of deployed programmable swaps. Trading made easy: We're launching with a variety of strategies ranging from the elegantly simple to the mind-bendingly complex. Dollar-cost averaging? Easy. Avellaneda-Stoikov market making? A walk in the park. Or build your own with the Composer and bend the market to your will. New strategies will be added on a regular basis.

Understanding the Axo interface


  • Asset picker: Dive into a vast ocean of tokens and choose your ideal trading pair with ease.
  • Trade inputs: Take control of your trades. Select your preferred order type and choose the perfect conditions for your order, ensuring a seamless trading experience.
  • Asset information: Immerse yourself in detailed insights. Know your tokens inside out before diving into the trading action!


  • Order book: Survey the market landscape. Observe live orders and gauge supply and demand to strategize your next move.
  • Market trades: Stay in the know with a constantly updated list of the most recently settled trades, keeping you ahead of the curve.


  • Asset performance & parameters: Access market statistics in a flash, arming you with the knowledge to trade confidently and efficiently.
  • Interactive chart: Visualize the market’s pulse. Whether you are analyzing price movement or market depth, our charts bring clarity to complexity.
  • Orders, strategies & trades: Keep track of your trading journey. Conveniently review your past and current orders, strategies, and the trades they entail.



Our xlang drag and drop interface allows you to craft trading strategies so complex that hedge funds may come knocking at your door.

  • Easier done than said: Whip up new strategies without coding hassles. It’s all about seamless interactions.
  • Financial building blocks: Use existing strategies as foundations to forge new trading strategies, set activation triggers, and enjoy new trading avenues and shared wisdom.
  • Shareable finance: You can unveil your strategic masterpieces to the world. Share, collaborate, and invest as one community.


An algorithm is a general solution designed to address a specific problem. They are brought to life as trading strategies when combined with specific parameters.Here, you have the opportunity to either create or modify existing algorithms. Laying the foundation for developing unique and powerful trading strategies.

  • Efficient orders: Create new algorithms that serve as reference scripts for strategies to execute with precision.  
  • Mix & match: Effortlessly blend existing algorithms' elements to forge unprecedented trading behaviors.
  • X-ray trading vision: Jump into the core instructions of any algorithm and uncover the mechanics operating within.


Strategies are the lifeblood of Axo, acting as your personalized trading blueprints. All orders on Axo are strategies; they are highly customizable and execute your trade plans exactly as you want.Here, you can create or refine strategies, engineering specific trading behaviors, and seamlessly deploy them on Axo, taking your portfolio in the direction you want.

  • Discover winning strategies:  Explore the universe of existing trading strategies and find those yielding great returns. Found something you like? Just click the copy button and deploy your assets on autopilot.
  • User-friendly strategy crafting: Craft your strategies with ease. Whether modifying existing strategies or building afresh from algorithms, you can tune every move to your unique trading aspirations.
  • Powerful market making: Axo strategies are a step beyond even the latest super-advanced liquidity pools. They don’t just follow the simple math of an AMM. You finally have institutional-grade market making strategies that reduce impermanent loss and enhance overall market liquidity and efficiency. 

The efficiency of programmable swaps

  • Beneath Axo's sleek interface, all inputs are programmable swaps. Axo matches complex market making strategies against even the simplest limit order, creating one grand market, where the liquidity is shared across all asset types, ensuring more efficient transactions. With Axo, every trade is streamlined, every move is precise, and every user benefits from customizable finance. Efficient liquidity leads to cheaper trades and getting what you want sooner.


The markets page lets you know what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s popular. Click on an asset from the ‘Tokens’ list, and you’ll see the trading pairs for your chosen asset as well as a list of market making strategies you can take part in.Over on the ‘Spot Market’ tab, you’ll find every available trading pair.

Eyes on the dashboard

Click the wallet menu at the top right and select ‘Overview’ to get to the dashboard. This display isn't just a pretty interface; it's your mission control and a one-stop shop for managing your portfolio.Get a high-level view of your holdings and how profitable your trading has been, see your past trades and strategies, or edit your current ones.Easily explore your portfolio:

  • Tokens: Admire the whole range of tokens in your portfolio and plan your next move.
  • Orders: A treasure trove of details from your past orders, including trade quantities, execution times, and other time-bound metrics.
  • Strategies: Explore your active trading strategies, providing useful metrics like ROI.
  • Trades: Examine every trade related to your strategies and orders, keeping you informed of everything you’re doing on Axo.
  • Help: Get quick answers to your questions and find help if you need it.


To keep this well-oiled machine running, we have something called creditsCredits are not fees. They are simply a reserve for executing programmable swaps. Think of credits as a battery that gets drained as it's used. Credits cover the nitty-gritty - matching instructions, Cardano transaction fees, oracle use, and all the other backstage magic that makes your financial dreams come true. As soon as your order is completed, unused credits will be returned to you.

Setup and fund your wallet

The Axo testnet runs on the Cardano pre-prod network, so you can play to your heart's content without risking real funds. Choose between Eternl or Nami, but make sure your wallet is set to testnet! Setup is different for each wallet, so if you don’t know how, make sure to check out our guide.You’ll want to load up on some tADA (test ADA) from the IOHK faucet. The testnet would be no fun without something to trade, so when you’re ready, jump onto the testnet - make sure to connect your wallet - then click the faucet link in the top menu to live out your whale fantasies and mint whatever tokens you’d like!

The road ahead

If you think this is it, you're sorely mistaken. We've got a pipeline of features that will redefine finance itself - lending, futures, synthetics, options, and more will be available on Axo.As we embark on this journey to incorporate all of finance, know this: Axo isn't just a protocol; it's a paradigm shift. We plan to become the go-to place for all crypto trading. Anything less is a failure of our mission.Now head over to the testnet by clicking this link and experience next gen trading.

Accelerating the world's transition to a fair and efficient financial system for everyone.




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Axo testnet is live

The Axo testnet is now live. Read more about it or head straight to the testnet.

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