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Technical Updates Genius Yield - March

In this section, we will be providing tech updates, following the progress of our DEX as it moves through the different stages of development.

Technical Updates Genius Yield - March

In this section, we will be providing tech updates, following the progress of our DEX as it moves through the different stages of development, starting with the testnet.

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March 2nd, 2024

Trading Bot Infrastructure, Quantitative Analysis, and Algorithmic Trading:

✅ Initial Trading Bot API specification available in the public MMB repository, which in the future will enable integration of user made trading strategies.

✅ Review of the Open API Specification of the Bot API.

✅ Implementation of the Bot API on the MMB side has been started and this is going to enable to implement trading strategies in any programming language, like Python or Typescript, thanks to the programming language agnostic API.

✅ Published version 0.2.1 of the Market Maker Bots with several significant updates (changelog).

✅ Registered several proposals for the CARDANO BUIDLER FEST #1, including topics like operating Smart Order Routers, algorithmic trading on the Genius Yield DEX and blockchain event streaming.

✅ Created a step-by-step tutorial for spinning up an MMB instance on AWS.

✅ Supported dozens of MMB operators in spinning up their own Genius Yield Market Maker Bots with their custom configuration for various token pairs.

✅ Conducted research around open source, publicly available quantitative analysis tooling.

Frontend Clients, User Experience and Websites:

✅ Added trading pairs like FLDT, FREN and DRIP.

✅ Added support for persisting wallet connection (automatically re-connect wallet)

✅ Implemented Yield Farming Rewards UI & API integrations

✅ Security updates, minor bug-fixes, addressing of different kinds of code-smells detected via static code analysis.

✅ Launched two subpages: Market Maker Bots and Smart Order Routers.

✅ Made progress on an AI chatbot for supporting Market Maker Bot operators in spinning up their own MMB instances

✅ UI/UX Prototyping: below and above market price labels and quick select buttons.

✅ Various improvements of the DEX Frontend Client for our dApp.

Backend Systems, Databases and On-Chain Data Indexing:

✅ Backend support for DEX fee sharing.

✅ DEX: Design and implement the first version of configurable multi-fill support with pluggable optimization strategies.

✅ Exploring the problem space and possible alternative solutions, like using off-the-shelve optimization tools like "HiGHS - high performance software for linear optimization", approximation algorithms and efficiency of naïve implementations.

✅ Multi-fill support with optimized and efficient order selection (work in progress).

Core, Blockchain Engineering and Smart Contracts:

✅ Accelerated Yield Event and DEX fee sharing implementation.

✅ Optimized rewards claiming.

✅ Added support for cancelling orders in batch for MMBs.

✅ Minor bug fixes.

✅ Various updates to the build process (CICD).

✅ Internal Tooling: Implemented DEX analysis toolchain to analyze different DEX metrics.

✅ Various improvements to the MMB.

✅ Multi-fill support on the core side.

✅ Various improvements to the transaction building server such as improved error handling and error messages.

IT Security, Auditing and Code Analysis:

✅ Detailed planning and preparation of the future incentivized bug bounty program.

✅ Preparation for the open-sourcing of the smart-contracts.

✅ Requesting the removal of the cybersquatting domain (protection of our users).

✅ Security hardening of several subsystems, updates, security patching and further hardening of the production systems and the Genius Yield Cloud infrastructure (due to the nature of this topic, we cannot disclose further information).

Source: https://docs.geniusyield.co/information/technical-updates


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