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Tappy by TapTools

TapTools Pro is our premium suite of dashboards and tools that help sophisticated traders make more informed decisions.

Tappy by TapTools

Utility: Access to TapTools Pro for 420 days.

Mint Date: June 17th, 2023

Time: 17:00 UTC (1:00pm EST)

Price: 420 ₳

Where: jpg.store

What does Tappy include?

Let’s explain what TapTools Pro is and what exactly Tappy gets you.

TapTools Pro is our premium suite of dashboards and tools that help sophisticated traders make more informed decisions. Looking at the price chart is a great place to start, but there is a lot more information out there that can be aggregated and presented to give you a better picture.

Wallet Profiler

The Wallet Profiler preview allows you to click on any trader from a token’s trade history and see their latest trades, holdings, and net worth. As you can see in the previous screenshot, this wallet has recently been accumulating $MIN in batches of 50K ADA, however, the wallet has sold 772k ADA worth of $MIN in its lifetime, so we may want to keep an eye on this wallet.

Wallet Profiler Overview

Going into this wallet’s full wallet profiler, we can see that the wallet has a net worth of ~323K ADA, with most of their holdings in $MIN. This wallet has been active for a year and a half, and has quite a bit of trading volume (1.31M ADA buy/973K ADA sell), with most of the volume being on $MIN and $NTX.

Trade History

Looking at the summary in trade history tab, we can see that the wallet has realized 80K ADA in profit with 8K in unrealized profit currently. They have a win/loss ratio of 18/13, and their wins are worth 4x more than their losses. $MIN has provided the largest total profit so far.

Hot Wallets

Keep track of notable transactions and actions of the most active traders. This allows you to investigate wallets with significant trading volumes and net worth, and observe major swaps and NFT sales as they happen.


Explore any wallet’s comprehensive portfolio, encompassing tokens, NFTs, LP and farm positions, along with their trade history. This insight enables you to identify the trading strategies and portfolio allocations of the most successful wallets, enhancing your understanding of effective market tactics.

Associated Wallets

With this tool, navigate the intricate web of wallet interactions and effortlessly track the flow of funds. Uncover the ties that bind different wallet addresses, revolutionizing your approach to monitoring cryptocurrency activity.

Volume Profiler and Distribution

Volume Profiler

Volume Profiler Pro equips traders with comprehensive insights into a token’s trading volume, transactions, buy vs. sell activity, and wallet distribution. With these powerful tools, traders can confidently navigate the market, making well-informed decisions and seizing opportunities at the perfect moments.



Conveniently track and manage multiple wallets of interest. Keep an eye on the most active traders, whales, and other degens in the ecosystem in one easily accessible place.

NFT Overview Pro

Take a deeper dive into any NFT project, providing insights into the largest buys and sells, recent transactions, and holder statistics. By combining these tools, users gain access to extensive data, enabling them to better determine the optimal times to buy or sell

What Are We Doing for Non-Pro users?

In our commitment to fostering accessibility within the Cardano community, we are pleased to announce that the Portfolio Tracker feature will remain freely available to all users. By offering this tool without any cost, we aim to enable community members to conveniently track their tokens, NFTs, liquidity pool (LP) investments, and farming data. Our goal is to enhance the accessibility of Cardano, ensuring that users have comprehensive visibility and control over their assets within the ecosystem. By providing this valuable resource at no charge, we aim to empower individuals to make informed decisions and actively participate in the Cardano network.

We love the Cardano Community and our ultimate goal is to grow Cardano.


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