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Successful Completion of CardanoGPT Private Sale Round!

Dear CardanoGPT Community, we are pleased to announce the successful completion of our Private Sale Round!

Successful Completion of CardanoGPT Private Sale Round!

Dear CardanoGPT Community, we are pleased to announce the successful completion of our Private Sale Round!

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we share this momentous achievement with each and every one of you who have supported and believed in our vision.

Private Sale Highlights:

Our Private Sale Round garnered an overwhelming response from individuals and projects who recognize the value CardanoGPT brings to Cardano blockchain utilizing artificial intelligence.

The allocation available for the Private Sale was met swiftly raising a total of 100,000 ADA in just 48 hours, showcasing the strong demand for CardanoGPT’s innovative AI-powered solutions.

$CGI Private sale round contributors will be airdropped their $CGI tokens within 72 hours.

What’s on the Horizon:

Our roadmap brimming with exciting milestones [Read on Whitepaper] and with the completion of the Private Sale Round, we are more determined than ever to accelerate the development of our AI-driven products and solutions.

Continued Development of Custom Bots:

Thrilled to share that our AI custom bots development have been making significant progress. The successful live test of our first custom bot for Foreon network to be utilized for community moderation and interactive “ask me anything” sessions marked a pivotal moment in our journey.

We look forward to deploy the bot by ending of the week.

Website Launch

We are working on a befitting website for CardanoGPT, The design preview will be shared in the OG channel as we are currently building it to deploy into production next week.

Ambassador Program Launch: our forthcoming Ambassador Program will provide an avenue for our community members to become prominent advocates of CardanoGPT. Details on how to participate in the ambassador program will be announced in the subsequent time.

Strategic Partnership: Our product outreach team led by Harsh Singh is actively engaging with projects across the cardano ecosystem and other chains, presenting the values and benefits of our custom trained AI powered chatbots. some projects have shown interested in utilizing our custom bots.

Enhancing Community Interaction: We’re committed to fostering a vibrant and engaging community experience. Expect release of educational resources on our blog to deepen our community’s understanding of CardanoGPT and its applications.

Continued Transparency: Transparency has been a cornerstone of our journey, and it will remain at the heart of everything we do. Regular updates, progress reports, and insightful content will be shared to keep our community informed and engaged.

In conclusion

We’re not just building a project; we’re creating a transformative force that will shape the future of AI on blockchain, and beyond.

We extend our sincere gratitude to each member of the CardanoGPT community, from investors to supporters, and believers.

Your involvement has been instrumental in getting us to this milestone, and we can’t wait to continue this journey together,

The CardanoGPT Team.

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