Revuto has secured a custom marketplace for Revuto NFTs

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Revuto is excited to announce that we have secured a custom marketplace for Revuto NFTs on Cardahub. This means that Revuto users will be able to trade Revuto NFTs on the Cardahub platform using REVU tokens. This feature will be available on Cardahub from the beginning of June. We agreed that Cardahub will create a special custom marketplace for Revuto NFTs. 

This marketplace will allow users to buy, sell, trade, and collect Revuto NFTs. Interest in NFTs has been growing at an amazing pace as people around the world explore this phenomenon. Revuto NFTs are not just pretty pictures. Each of them comes with utility. And that utility means there is a real reason to have one of these special NFTs. Stay tuned for more information about what all will be revealed in the upcoming podcast with Cardahub.

About Cardahub

Cardahub is a Smart-Contract based NFT Platform on the Cardano blockchain, aiming at creating a one-stop shop for everything related to Cardano NFTs (CNFT). Currently, Cardahub has been providing several smart-contract based services including NFT minting, a fully decentralized NFT marketplace, and an advanced launchpad program (NFT distribution) on Cardano. Cardahub is a CNFT marketplace that offers an innovative feature called dual listing and a flexible fee model to any NFT sale on the Cardahub CNFT marketplace.

Cardahub has also built and provided a free Tool called Multi-Send Tool that allows users to send their ADA to multi addresses in JUST 1 TRANSACTION. That means it will help users save on transaction fees. In the upcoming release, they will be launching and introducing to the Cardano community yet another new unique feature where their marketplace will support Native Token on the Cardano blockchain. This unique feature will take the Cardano ecosystem to a whole new level by allowing our users to buy and sell their NFTs with any supported token, not just ADA.


Remember to download the Revuto app from the App StoreGoogle Play, or Huawei AppGallery to get access to all of Revuto’s available staking events and more!

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