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Rare Evo 2023

The Rare Evo Convention, a multi-chain web3 event spanning from August 24th to August 26th at the Gaylord Rockies resort in Denver, Colorado, commenced with great anticipation.

Rare Evo 2023

Day 1 of Rare Evo Convention: Pioneering the Blockchain Frontier

The Rare Evo Convention, a multi-chain web3 event spanning from August 24th to August 26th at the Gaylord Rockies resort in Denver, Colorado, commenced with great anticipation. This inaugural day gathered leaders and enthusiasts in the blockchain and Web3 realms for an insightful journey into the evolving landscapes of these technologies. The event held the promise of visionary insights, innovative developments, and pivotal discussions that could reshape the course of the digital domain.

Charles Hoskinson’s Visionary Prelude: A Deeper Dive into Cardano’s Governance

The curtain was raised by none other than Charles Hoskinson. His opening speech was a symphony of insights, traversing the remarkable journey of Cardano and casting a visionary gaze into the realm of governance — a concept with the power to sculpt the destinies of digital nations.

Hoskinson’s words echoed through the auditorium: “Governance is the most complicated thing any cryptocurrency can do because basically, you’re building an on-chain government of a digital nation with 4 million in more than 100 countries.” This declaration served as a compass, charting the course through the complexities that governance entails.

The discourse unfurled, revealing Cardano’s triumphs — the triumphant Node 8.X launch, the revelations of Mithril and Hydra, and a staggering 200% surge in Total Value Locked (TVL). Hoskinson’s pride in Cardano’s ascent was palpable as he asserted its position as a pinnacle of developer activity across the crypto landscape.

In a poignant contrast to sporadic market spikes, Hoskinson championed Cardano’s pursuit of perfection as a relentless, ongoing endeavor. “This is what an ecosystem looks like,” he emphasized, shattering notions of transient glamour in favor of the steadfast march toward digital excellence.

Hoskinson’s discourse brimmed with conviction as he proclaimed Cardano’s leadership within the crypto ecosystem. He positioned Cardano as the torchbearer, contrasting it against the reluctance of Bitcoin and Ethereum to embrace on-chain governance. “Cardano will be the #1 cryptocurrency and the backbone of a digital nation,” Hoskinson proclaimed, his words echoing through the hearts of the audience.

The climax of Hoskinson’s address was a tribute to Cardano’s unparalleled resilience. In a poignant analogy, he compared Cardano’s 2,100 days of uninterrupted operation against the downtime experienced by tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. These titans of the digital age had faltered where Cardano remained unwavering — a testament to its unyielding architecture.

Unveiling the Power of Knowledge with SingularityNet: Janet Adams Takes the Stage

With an air of anticipation, the spotlight shifted to Janet Adams, the COO of SingularityNet. Her presentation was a journey into the heart of the “Internet of Knowledge,” a realm where AI’s potential is fully harnessed through genuine understanding. Adams embarked on a captivating narrative, tracing the historical trajectory of knowledge dissemination and its exponential acceleration.

The essence of her message was succinctly encapsulated in her statement: “Data without knowledge is virtually useless.” In a world inundated with data, SingularityNet’s vision becomes luminous — a quest to bridge the gap between AI’s predictive capabilities and the realm of genuine knowledge. The dawning of the knowledge era for AI, as heralded by Adams, stood as a testament to the transformative potential that knowledge-based algorithms hold.

The crux of SingularityNet’s mission lay in Adams’ proclamation: “As we move into the era of Smart Neural Symbolic Large Language Models Decentralized on blockchain, Singularity Net is in pole position, together with our partners Cardano, to really transform the fabric of the internet in the coming 2–3 to 7 years.” This declaration underscored the symbiotic partnership between SingularityNet and Cardano, poised to revolutionize the digital landscape with a synthesis of AI and blockchain technologies.

Adams spoke of the intricate details of SingularityNet’s pursuit. She elucidated the multifaceted nature of knowledge — its diverse forms and its potential to empower Artificial General Intelligence.

SingularityNet Spinoffs Jam Galaxy and NuNet also took to the stage to speak about their projects and how they tie into the big picture at SingularityNet. NuNet is developing a decentralized compute provider and Jam Galaxy aims to be a decentralized AI powered music marketplace that will empower artists and transform the music industry.

You can find out more about SingularityNet here.

Embracing Enterprise Blockchain: Insights from Frederik Gregaard

Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, shed light on the potential of enterprise blockchain and the importance of welcoming businesses into the blockchain ecosystem. He emphasized the value that enterprise adoption brings and encouraged the blockchain community to embrace this trend. Frederik noted that enterprise adoption on private blockchains has been on the decline, and attention is turning towards public 3rd generation blockchains. This is due to private permissioned blockchains lacking a compelling value proposition and being highly inefficient due to the centralized server farms required to run them. Frederik emphasized the noteworthy shift occurring within these institutions and large players, expressing, “These institutions and these large players are now going out and saying you know what, what we need is operational resilience, we need stability and we need systems where nation-states who don’t trust each other can trust each other through technology — isn’t that a nice shift?”

He elaborated on the need to establish systems that enable auditors to verify assumptions, like non-custodial staking. Frederik also addressed challenges faced in enterprise adoption, including transitioning to third-generation blockchains, dealing with utility tokens in volatile markets, and navigating regulatory uncertainties. He highlighted that the traditional “enterprise blockchain” model was flawed and discussed governance challenges such as operational resilience, ecosystem development difficulties, misinformation, anomalies, and adversarial behavior.

Frederik underscored the importance of nurturing a healthy blockchain ecosystem by leaving more value on the table than what’s taken. He concluded by affirming that Cardano’s resilience, stability, efficiency, and on-chain governance make it an attractive platform for enterprises, positioning it as a key player in the journey toward widespread adoption.

Microsoft’s Outlook on Web3 and Blockchain

A captivating fireside chat featured Alana Banner, Head of Blockchain and Web3 at Microsoft, and Joey Ingraham, a professional poker player from Poker World. The discussion offered insights into their career journeys within the blockchain and web3 industries.

Alana Banner shared her pre-Microsoft interest in blockchain technology, driven by a desire to be part of the transformative disruption it promises. She highlighted her role in collaborating with Microsoft partners to anticipate the regulatory landscape, services, and products in the ever-evolving domains of blockchain and web3. Alana indicated, “There’s obviously a retail side to the space and then a wholesale side of things too and that pops up with CBDCs and other things and I think we’re going to get into that.”

The chat provided a glimpse into Microsoft’s engagement with blockchain and web3, hinting at the potential directions the tech giant might take in these fields in the foreseeable future.

Revolutionizing DeFi with VyFi: Steven Ward

The spotlight shifted to Steven Ward, the CEO of VyFi, as he embarked on a revelatory discourse on stakeless LP farming. Ward’s journey spanned from his roots in traditional finance to the realm of DeFi, where he identified inefficiencies that begged to be rectified. The culmination of his insights materialized into VyFi’s innovation — a paradigm shift in liquidity provision.

Ward’s revelation was encapsulated in his in-depth explanation: “Now for the first time in crypto liquidity pool tokens — so the stocks that represent your ownership of the liquidity pool are no longer locked value.” This transformative shift marked the liberation of liquidity pool tokens from being mere collateral, granting users the ability to trade and harness the value they represent.

The principles of Cardano’s Liquid Staking inspired VyFi’s approach, underlining the interconnectedness of blockchain ecosystems. Ward painted a picture of streamlined user experiences — reducing transactional complexity and eliminating the need for multiple harvests. The frictionless liquidity provision that VyFi introduced resonated as an innovation that empowers users, exemplifying the pioneering spirit that defines the blockchain realm.

You can findout more about VyFi here.

Unleashing the Power of Participatory Governance: Insights from Rare Evo Fireside Chat

The Rare Evo Convention witnessed an insightful fireside chat that brought together two influential figures in the blockchain realm: Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Input Output, and Frederik Gregaard, the CEO of the Cardano Foundation. Facilitated by Rachel Wolfson of Cointelegraph, this panel discussion shed light on the nuances of participatory governance in the evolving landscape of web3.

Frederik Gregaard set the stage by discussing the pivotal role of the Cardano Foundation and its multifaceted responsibilities. He emphasized the continuous pursuit of innovation while ensuring the resilience of its operations. He also highlighted the significance of “Operation Resilience,” a strategic initiative aimed at maintaining the network’s robustness. This initiative has been instrumental in enabling the network to execute numerous upgrades seamlessly, contributing to its impeccable track record.

Charles Hoskinson shared insights into the evolution of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) and its evolution into IOG. He delved into the creation of subsidiaries and spin-offs such as Midnight, Atala Prism, and Lace. These ventures, emanating from IOG’s venture studio, cater to various aspects of the blockchain ecosystem. Charles underscored their commitment to pioneering exponential technologies like quantum computing, synthetic biology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, which hold the potential to reshape the future of humanity.

The discussion then shifted to Participatory Governance, a cornerstone of the blockchain landscape. The conversation began by delving into the essence of “participatory governance” within the context of web3.

Charles Hoskinson elaborated, “In general, a governance system requires kind of three basic properties, and how much you put in each of those buckets is contingent on what are you governing over and what is the risk of a governance failure? First, you need some form of consent from the users of the system. This can be implicit or explicit, you can actually ask them to vote, they can sign an end user license agreement, there’s delegated authority, there’s direct authority, but you need some form of consent to govern.” Charles continued, “Second, there’s this issue of complexity where when you talk about governance you have simple things to decide, you have complex things. So Simple things are like what color should we paint the bike shed? Complex things are like how would we put control rods in this nuclear reactor and make sure it doesn’t kill all of us?” Charles then continued about how the final basic property of governance rules, which can be a written set of rules or a constitution that the governance system would need to go by.

Frederik Gregaard delved into the intricacies of participation in governance. He underscored the challenges of educating ecosystem participants, ensuring up-to-date information dissemination, and clarifying the implications of specific governance actions and parameter changes. Another focal point was the optimal level of participation required to execute different governance actions effectively.

Rachel Wolfson then turned her attention to Fred Gregaard, inquiring about Intersect. He responded, “So the whole idea about CIP1694 is that there should be the ability to have multiple members based organizations but to get to that stage you need something to learn from.” Frederik continued “So IOG actually launched Intersect as a Wyoming association which is a very good jurisdiction. They changed a lot of laws in Wyoming and it sort of is well known, which means we don’t have to worry so much about the regulatory footprint.”

Bridging the Connectivity Gap: World Mobile’s Ambitious Quest

A riveting speaker panel brought together Joey Ingraham from Poker World and Mikey Watkins, the CEO of World Mobile, shedding light on World Mobile’s mission to bridge the digital divide and connect the unconnected across the globe.

Joey initiated the conversation by inquiring about Mikey’s journey into the crypto realm and his aspirations with World Mobile. Mikey recounted his extensive background in telecoms spanning two decades. Around five to six years ago, he began recognizing the discrepancies within the telecoms industry. He stated, “I was thinking, what’s happening today is wrong. Telecoms revenue is falling, profits are tanking, the actual asset is us, not the infrastructure on the ground.” Mikey highlighted the fact that numerous mobile network operators worldwide have left roughly half of the global population unconnected or underserved, despite people paying telephone bills. Mikey’s pursuit was driven by the need for a privacy-focused solution in this landscape. He explained, “So I thought a privacy solution is what needs to be built. So that’s what I started doing.”

After a six-month exploration of various approaches, Mikey recognized the limitations of his initial idea. His focus then shifted to areas where people lacked connectivity. This investigation led him to Africa, the most unconnected continent, possessing a wealth of mobile phones. He saw this as an opportune environment to launch a mobile network that could make a substantial impact. Thus, World Mobile was born, and it initiated its journey with the launch of the smart village pilot test.

Mikey delved into the unique stance of World Mobile on data and its correlation with the blockchain. He elucidated, “It’s very different, so what we set out to do is, you don’t need to trust us as a mobile network operator — in fact let us show you, give you a place to look up on the blockchain that we didn’t access your data, and we’ve had it that way.” Mikey elaborated that customer data within the World Mobile Network is managed by Air Node Operators, responsible for both data processing and network maintenance.

The sharing economy model was a pivotal point in Mikey’s discourse. He emphasized how this model will fortify World Mobile’s position in the global telecom industry. By enabling users to actively participate in the network and function as mobile network operators by running air nodes, World Mobile aims to become a formidable competitor in the sector.

Looking ahead, Mikey elaborated on World Mobile’s vision. He detailed the network’s innovative “scan for points” system that strategically places infrastructure based on the mobile network’s density around users. This approach helps identify underserved and underconnected areas by analyzing signal density and throughput, essential metrics for a reliable mobile network. With recent network launches in the US and an upcoming sidechain launch on Cardano, the evolution of the World Mobile network promises to be an exciting journey over the forthcoming months and years.

You can find out more about World Mobile at the following link: https://worldmobile.io/

A Glimpse of Other Voices on Day 1

Among the many speakers on the mainstage, one notable voice was Josh, the CEO of Book.io. His address illuminated the power of blockchain in the fight against censorship. Josh unveiled Book.io’s mission to make literature censorship-resistant, ushering in a future where the written word can thrive, unburdened by restrictions.

Another thought-provoking panel featured Decentral Games, where the worlds of blockchain, crypto, poker, and web3 gaming converged. This panel harkened back to poker’s pivotal role in blockchain adoption. Online poker platforms accepting cryptocurrency marked a historic milestone in the industry’s evolution. The discussion underscored a simple truth: The more you engage with cryptocurrencies, the more they become an integral part of daily life. Phil Nagy, CEO of ACR, stood out as an early adopter, having embraced Bitcoin in 2013 after a persuasive pitch in Costa Rica. His journey exemplified the foresight that set the stage for blockchain’s transformative journey.

Rare Evo Day 2

Opening Speech by J.J. Siler

The second day of the Rare Evo Convention commenced with a compelling speech by J.J. Siler, IOG’s Chief of Staff, who transitioned from being a dedicated Cardano community member to a key contributor at Input Output. J.J. Siler reflected on his journey, emphasizing his role in creating content centered around Cardano. He highlighted one of his favorite videos, titled “Cardanos about to change everything,” which coincided with the inception of the Shelley era. This pivotal phase marked the decentralization of block production on Cardano and set the stage for the impending launch of smart contracts.

J.J. also expressed his fervor for the concept of governance within the Cardano ecosystem. Envisioning the future of blockchain governance, he shared his thoughts: “I think the future of blockchain governance is simple, it will be driven by people like you and me, community members that have the will and the hope to improve the way that our beloved ecosystem actually functions. I see the next generation of leadership in this very room.” This foresight reflects the collective power of community-driven governance in shaping Cardano’s path forward.

Blockchain Literacy: Paving the Way to a Decentralized Realm

Nikhil Joshi, the CEO of Emurgo, delivered a thought-provoking speech on the significance of Blockchain Literacy as a transformative path towards a decentralized world. With a focus on education’s pivotal role in fostering the commercial adoption of Cardano, Joshi emphasized the critical nature of understanding the blockchain technology that underpins it.

Joshi delved into the existing challenges that hinder the widespread adoption of web3 technology. In his discourse, he spotlighted the paramount role of education in surmounting these obstacles and propelling mass adoption. Among the major barriers impeding the seamless integration of web3 into daily life, Joshi highlighted the complex landscape of regulations. He emphasized the importance of engaging and enlightening regulators, ensuring that they possess a comprehensive understanding of the technology they are tasked with overseeing. This, he argued, is pivotal to the creation of effective and well-informed regulatory frameworks.

In charting a course toward mass adoption, Joshi advocated for the continuous development and enhancement of educational initiatives targeted at both potential participants in the web3 ecosystem and the regulatory bodies that govern it. By cultivating a comprehensive understanding of the technology’s benefits, challenges, and potential, society can progressively embrace the dawn of this next-generation technology.

You can find out more about Emurgo here.

Web3 Gaming and Fostering Strong Communities

A riveting panel discussion unfolded featuring Josh Jones and Rog Greig from Cornucopias, an MMO RPG web3 game building on Cardano. The dialogue also included key figures from Clay Nation and The Ape Society, offering profound insights into the synergy between web3 gaming and community-building.

Josh Jones kicked off the conversation by underscoring the empowering nature of play-based access within web3 gaming. He articulated, “One of the most powerful things about web3 gaming is that we empower the players to own their assets in a decentralized way, so they’ve got NFTs that they can travel from dome to dome with and experience different curated games that we have created for them.” Delving into the diverse virtual worlds they are crafting, he continued, “One of them being a racing game, another one being a Colorado landscape like Solace where you can build up your land and your property and exchange goods and services, and explore, go fishing, go hiking — it’s a beautiful landscape.” Notably, the Cornucopias racing game was poised for imminent launch, while the Solace game area stood on the brink of completion. With two years of tireless development, Cornucopias was on the cusp of releasing its creation to the eager gaming community, presently engaging with OG community members for testing.

Co-CEO Rob provided deeper insights into the game’s evolution, outlining their unique approach to development. He revealed that all elements were being meticulously developed in parallel, with testing carried out in the Calido Valley — a compact open world where novel concepts were subjected to trial runs before integration into the broader game environment. As Rob elucidated the journey, he proudly extolled the formidable team of nearly 50 individuals who had helped shape Cornucopias and fostered a vibrant, informed, and close-knit community that radiated enthusiasm for the game’s release. Through a commitment to quality, Cornucopias aimed to bridge the worlds of web2 and web3 gaming, primed for mass adoption on the Cardano platform.

Expanding the discussion, Rob, Greg, Lara from The Ape Society, and Lenna and Issy from Clay Nation collectively explored the intricate art of community-building. Issy, the COO of Clay Nation, shared their philosophy: “We tried to create an environment where people felt that they could be themselves, be accepted, and actually want to spend time with people.” In her view, proactive content creation, sustained engagement, and a genuine display of care by brands were instrumental in fostering a reciprocally caring community.

Lara, the CCO of The Ape Society, added her perspective on the challenges of community-building, emphasizing the importance of attentive listening. She noted, “Building a community is definitely a hard challenge, you need to be able to listen to everyone.” She astutely observed the dynamic interactions that proliferate within community spaces.

The discourse persisted, affirming the profound role of community not only in web3 gaming but across all projects in this innovative space. A recurring theme was the imperative of involving the community in product development, aligning the project with the aspirations and expectations of the very individuals it aimed to serve.

Revolutionizing the Commodity Industry: Palmyra DEX

A prominent highlight of Rare Evo’s second day was the captivating presentation on the Palmyra DEX — a transformative initiative that seeks to reshape the commodity industry through tokenization. With a strong commitment to innovation and technology, Palmyra aims to address the challenges faced by traditionally underserved markets. The complexity of commodity trading is well-recognized, and this challenge is exacerbated in communities that are underserved in various aspects.

Palmyra’s visionary mission involves reinventing the landscape for commodity sellers, buyers, and regulators. By leveraging tokenization, the platform aspires to revolutionize the industry, infusing efficiency and brighter prospects into this realm. Notably, Palmyra holds the distinction of being one of the pioneering platforms globally that deals with physically settled tokenized commodities. Its operational foundation will be underpinned by the combined power of Ergo and Cardano.

Daniel Friedman, the CEO of Zengate, took to the stage to elaborate on the significance of tokenized commodity exchanges. He passionately emphasized the concept of “opportunity inclusion” as Zengate’s driving force. Daniel elaborated, “What Zengate truly believes in is opportunity inclusion, you create opportunity and then it’s up to the person to take that opportunity. And so, the opportunity here comes from tokenization of commodities, especially underserved commodities in underserved communities.” Demonstrating his vision’s profound impact, he highlighted how collaboration among producers, buyers, and regulators would manifest as a tangible difference in their lives, should they embrace the Palmyra platform.

A momentous announcement echoed through the crowd as Daniel declared, “I’d like to welcome you to the Palmyra MVP, we are live!” The MVP of the tokenized commodity DEX ushered in a new era of possibilities. Alongside this milestone, the Palmyra Pioneer program was introduced — an endeavor closely aligned with Zengate’s partnership in the launch area of Sri Lanka. The objective was to gain insights into the aspirations and challenges faced by participants in the commodity industry. These pioneering individuals would be the first to embark on the Zengate journey.

One such pioneer was introduced: Fernando, the proprietor of Zen’s Tea House, situated in California. Focused on delivering high-quality specialty teas that are often hard to procure, Zen’s Tea House extends its reach to all 50 states. Fernando marked an auspicious moment by initiating the first transaction on the Palmyra DEX — a purchase of 1kg of tea. Vital to the platform’s integrity, these assets find their secure abode on the Ergo blockchain, with transparency accessible via the asset viewer or blockchain explorer.

Palmyra’s future trajectory was underscored with the announcement of an upcoming IDO (Initial Dex Offering) and ISPO (Initial Stake Pool Offering), scheduled for launch in the following month. For those eager to explore the potential and intricacies of Palmyra, further information can be found at their official website: https://www.zengate.global/

Reflecting on Cardano’s Journey: Fireside Chat with Tim Harrison, Charles Hoskinson, and J.J. Siler

The final mainstage highlight on Day 2 of Rare Evo was a captivating fireside chat featuring Tim Harrison, Charles Hoskinson, and J.J. Siler, representing Input Output Global. This engaging panel delved into the story of Cardano’s evolution, the growth of its community, and the direction it’s poised to take.

The conversation began with the question — was when did you first notice a spark in the Cardano Community? Charles recounted an incident from 2017, when the blockchain space was buzzing with discussions about EOS and consensus mechanisms. Despite the overshadowing presence of EOS, Charles recounted a chance encounter on the street where a random individual recognized him as the founder of Cardano. This unexpected recognition highlighted the early interest and curiosity surrounding Cardano’s development.

Tim Harrison, Chief Marketing Officer of Input Output Global, shared a vivid experience that marked his entry into the Cardano community. Shortly after signing his contract with Input Output, Tim attended a crypto conference at the Miami Summit. He expressed his amazement at encountering a vibrant community of individuals who wholeheartedly embraced Cardano’s vision:

“I’d arrived at this place and here was a real community of people who kind of got behind this vision, you know, it felt much more like a political movement with an overly keen interest in technology at that stage, but it was instantly fascinating to see that.”

J.J. Siler, Chief of Staff at Input Output Global, added his perspective on community engagement. He reflected on the pivotal moment when he felt the tangible presence of the Cardano community. J.J. mentioned his involvement in the Incentivized Testnet (ITN) for the Shelley Era of Cardano. It was during this period that he realized the strength of the community’s bonds. As the community participated in the ITN, they collectively learned and evolved, epitomizing the essence of Cardano’s collaborative spirit.

Transitioning to the topic of governance, the panel emphasized its significance in shaping Cardano’s trajectory. The conversation highlighted the necessity of a robust governance system to guide the project’s future. Charles Hoskinson stressed that effective governance requires more than just shared values; it necessitates objectivity to evaluate actions and decisions. He noted the challenge of fostering a functional governance ecosystem in a landscape where conventional governance institutions often lead to division. Charles affirmed that navigating this challenge is of paramount importance for Cardano’s growth and success.

The fireside chat concluded on a thought-provoking note, leaving the audience with a deep appreciation for the Cardano community’s journey. Through the insights shared by Tim Harrison, Charles Hoskinson, and J.J. Siler, attendees gained a better understanding of the community’s evolution, the power of governance, and the dedication required to steer Cardano toward a bright future.

Exploring Rare Evo’s Breakout Rooms and Booths

Aside from the mainstage presentations, Rare Evo also featured a variety of engaging breakout rooms and booths, offering attendees the opportunity to dive deeper into specific topics and projects within the Cardano ecosystem.

Hydra Master Class

One of the standout events was the Hydra Master Class, a workshop tailored for Hydra developers. Hosted by Sebastian Nagel and Arnaud Bailly from the IOG Hydra Team, this hands-on workshop took place in the “Cottonwood 6” breakout room. Participants had the chance to engage with a Mithril snapshot to expedite their learning process and discover how to construct scalable decentralized applications (DApps) using Hydra technology. The workshop occurred shortly after the release of Hydra 0.12.0, providing developers with the latest insights and tools to maximize the potential of Hydra. For more information about Hydra, visit: Hydra Protocol.

Cornucopias Demo


Cornucopias, a web3 MMO RPG built on Cardano, showcased an exclusive demo during Rare Evo 2023. Attendees were granted access to an unprecedented experience: venturing into the depths of mineshafts within the game to mine and gather resources for the Cornucopias economy. The Cornucopias team set up multiple gaming stations, allowing community members to immerse themselves in the gameplay. The demo received an enthusiastic response, underlining the excitement surrounding the project. To learn more about Cornucopias and its innovative RPG universe, visit: Cornucopias.

OrcFax Explorer

OrcFax, a decentralized oracle project on the Cardano blockchain, debuted its explorer app at Rare Evo 2023. The project had recently concluded its Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) and is gearing up for the launch of its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on the Cardano network in the coming months. Attendees had the chance to explore the OrcFax Explorer app, gaining insights into the capabilities and potential of decentralized oracles. To delve deeper into the OrcFax project and its upcoming developments, visit: OrcFax.

Mehen Finance Preprod Demo

Mehen Finance, a USD-backed stablecoin set to launch in Q4 of the year, unveiled a pre-production network demo of the Mehen App. This demo allowed users to participate in various activities, including minting and burning USDM, undergoing a Know Your Customer (KYC) process in Sandbox Mode, connecting a wallet, and linking a bank account. The Mehen Finance team provided attendees with a glimpse into the user experience and functionality of their upcoming stablecoin project. To explore the Mehen Demo and learn more about the forthcoming stablecoin, visit: Mehen Stablecoin.

Rare Evo’s breakout rooms and booths extended the event’s educational and interactive aspects, offering attendees an array of opportunities to engage directly with projects, developers, and innovative technologies within the Cardano ecosystem.


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NFTxLV | Sep 29 - Oct 1, 2023 | Las Vegas Convention Center

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