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Privacy Sidechain on Cardano Nears Devnet Launch

On September 12th, Input Output Global announced that Midnight, a privacy-focused sidechain on Cardano, would be launching on DevNet soon.

Privacy Sidechain on Cardano Nears Devnet Launch

On September 12th, Input Output Global announced that Midnight, a privacy-focused sidechain on Cardano, would be launching on DevNet soon. Midnight is an optional privacy blockchain that was originally announced in November of 2022, along with its native token DUST at IO ScotFest by Charles Hoskinson. Users who stake on the Cardano network will receive DUST in addition to ADA staking rewards. Midnight utilizes Zero Knowledge Proofs to revolutionize privacy and security on the blockchain.

Zero Knowledge Proofs: A Blueprint for Privacy

Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) are cryptographic techniques that have found a new home in blockchain technology, becoming a cornerstone of privacy and security. These proofs enable the verification of information without revealing the underlying data itself, serving as a powerful tool to enhance privacy. ZKP operates on two foundational principles: completeness, which ensures that the prover can demonstrate knowledge with high probability, and soundness, which guarantees that the verifier can accurately determine the possession of information without actually accessing the information.

Midnight harnesses the potential of ZKP by empowering developers to construct DApps with robust data protection features. It goes beyond traditional privacy solutions, offering not just anonymity but also striking a delicate balance between privacy and transparency. Midnight’s goal is to prevent financial manipulation and crimes while facilitating secure and confidential transactions.

Empowering Developers and Businesses

Midnight’s ambition extends beyond being a mere privacy coin. It aspires to empower developers to create DApps fortified with data protection. For businesses and individuals, this translates to an impregnable fortress around sensitive information. Midnight envisions achieving this through zero-knowledge-proof smart contracts, paving the way for a new era in privacy and security.

Midnight is not merely a data protection-based blockchain; it is the guardian of fundamental freedoms. Developers will possess the tools to build data protection-first DApps, leveraging multiple programming languages, with Typescript leading the way. Companies can securely share mission-critical information, unburdened by fears of data breaches, while individuals can confidently navigate the interconnected digital world.

Why Zero Knowledge Proofs Are Game-Changers

In an age where sharing personal information has become the norm, the rise in security breaches and data misuse is alarming. The enactment of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) underscores the pressing need for enhanced data protection. Blockchain offers transparency and decentralization but inevitably shares information with third-party systems, elevating vulnerability. Enter Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) algorithms, offering the means to verify transactions without exposing the underlying data.

When united with blockchain technology, ZKP algorithms become a formidable asset for secure e-commerce, offering the advantages of blockchain without the associated risks of data exposure.

Midnight’s Commercial Potential

Midnight stands poised to lead the privacy sector of blockchain and collaborate extensively with businesses. Input Output’s work with the Hyperledger consortium underscores its commitment to privacy-focused blockchain solutions. To ensure Midnight’s success, Input Output has enlisted top talent, including Dr. Vanishree Rao, a distinguished academic and a core contributor to the privacy-focused blockchain Mina Protocol.

The Midnight platform is set to attract an influx of developers, propelling advancements in privacy-focused cryptography. Its support for multiple programming languages and provision of a privacy layer for Cardano’s Layer 1 blockchain open doors for institutional adoption. Institutions seeking to safeguard client information while adhering to regional regulations can find a secure haven in Midnight’s optional privacy design.

Midnight’s Journey to Mainnet

The upcoming launch of Midnight on Cardano’s DevNet suggests that a mainnet or public testnet release may not be far off. This transition holds significant implications for Cardano. This move underlines Cardano’s commitment to privacy, potentially broadening its appeal to a diverse user base, including individuals and institutions seeking secure, confidential transactions.

Cardano’s innovative approach to privacy through Midnight could position it as a blockchain leader in compliance, particularly attractive to institutions navigating data protection regulations. As the Cardano ecosystem diversifies with privacy-centric projects and applications, it has the potential to drive innovation and promote mainstream blockchain adoption.


Midnight’s imminent launch on DevNet marks a significant leap forward in redefining privacy and security within the Cardano ecosystem. With Zero Knowledge Proofs at its core and an unwavering commitment to empowering developers and businesses, Midnight heralds a new era of secure, private, and efficient blockchain applications. As the digital world continues its evolution, Midnight stands as a beacon of trust and security for all who venture into the decentralized frontier.


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