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Paima Studios Launches Decentralized RPG

Last week the Tarochi Game was launched by Paima Studios drawing gamers from various blockchain ecosystems together.

Paima Studios Launches Decentralized RPG

Last week the Tarochi Game was launched by Paima Studios drawing gamers from various blockchain ecosystems together. The event was marked by the pre-launch Genesis Trainer mint, which, alongside the official game launch, had been keenly awaited by the web3 gaming community. Leveraging the full potential of blockchain technology, Tarochi introduces a unique blend of traditional gaming elements within a fully on-chain environment. This article delves into Tarochi, its launch, and more.

What is Tarochi

Tarochi is an on-chain RPG developed by Paima Studios, set in an immersive, autonomous decentralized world where every quest, challenge, and monster caught becomes a part of blockchain history. Players journey through a vast land, interacting with NPCs, unlocking achievements, and unraveling quests, all while capturing, battling, and leveling their monsters. The game operates on a layer 4 sovereign rollup built atop Xai, a Layer 3 blockchain solution crafted specifically for gaming. Utilizing Genesis Trainer NFTs as their in-game avatars, players progress through the world of Tarochi and its various locations, making every action and achievement a permanent part of the game’s rich history.

Game Launch

Before the grand unveiling on February 15th, 2024, Tarochi’s minting phase already hinted at the game’s impending success. The sale of the 10,000 NFT Genesis Trainer collection was just the beginning, as it sold out in 31 hours, drawing significant attention from various blockchain communities. Adding to this excitement was the introduction of a free mint option within the game, ensuring that the Tarochi universe was accessible to all interested parties, further democratizing the experience. This approach attracted thousands from the Cardano, Xai, and Arbitrum communities, all keen to explore the launch of this web3 game. Within just 24 hours of launching, over 7,000 unique players had interacted with Tarochi, capturing an equal number of monsters and generating upwards of 300,000 transactions. These transactions included a variety of in-game dynamics such as trading monsters, venturing into new areas, and acquiring various in-game items.

To accommodate the unexpected surge in player numbers and maintain a smooth gaming experience, Paima Studios, together with Offchain Labs and Xai Games, promptly initiated an infrastructure upgrade. This effort was aimed at ensuring the game’s systems could efficiently handle the increased activity, allowing players to continue their adventures in the Tarochi universe without any hitches. This quick and effective response highlighted the team’s dedication to providing a high-quality gaming experience and demonstrated their ability to adapt to the community’s needs.

Economic Model

The economic structure of Tarochi is underpinned by a dual-currency system, which includes Tarochi Silver and Tarochi Gold, catering to a spectrum of gameplay styles. Tarochi Silver, aimed at facilitating in-game progression, is readily obtainable through daily activities and quest completions, making it a cornerstone of casual gameplay. Conversely, Tarochi Gold, which carries real-world value, is linked to the competitive aspects of the game, such as arena battles. This premium currency is essential for significant in-game purchases, including the acquisition of rare assets, adding a layer of strategic depth to the gameplay experience.

Monsters and Rarity System

Central to the Tarochi universe is its dynamic ecosystem of monsters, each inhabiting the game’s wild areas and available for players to battle or capture. These monsters are classified into various rarity levels:

Common and Uncommon: These monsters have an unlimited supply, ensuring that free-to-play (F2P) players have endless opportunities for engagement.

Rare, Epic, Legendary: These categories are subject to a global daily supply limit among players, introducing a competitive edge to monster capture.

Limited Edition: Available only during specific campaigns, these monsters offer unique opportunities for players to enhance their collections.

This system enriches the game’s world, encouraging continuous exploration and interaction.

Technological Innovations and Cross-Chain Interactions

Paima Studios has incorporated advanced blockchain technology to ensure Tarochi stands out in the Web3 gaming landscape, not just as a game but as a technological innovation. The game utilizes a sophisticated layering system for seamless cross-chain interactions, which allows for a cohesive gaming experience across different blockchain networks. This technical infrastructure supports intricate game mechanics and broadens Tarochi’s accessibility to a diverse audience. The integration of various wallets and the facilitation of interactions across multiple blockchains enable true interoperability within the game, making Tarochi a model for future blockchain-based games in terms of technological integration and user engagement.


Tarochi’s launch offers a fresh take on web3 gaming by successfully delivering a decentralized, autonomous world that emphasizes ease of access, notably eliminating the need for wallets to play. Its dual-currency economic model supports varied gameplay experiences, from casual to competitive, while its cutting-edge technology enables smooth cross-chain interactions. We had a chance to test Tarochi for several hours and it performed quite smoothly with no bugs. It will be interesting to see how the game as well as web3 gaming as a whole develops over the coming months and years.

More information on Tarochi can be found at the following link: https://paimastudios.com/tarochi/

You can play the Tarochi game here.


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