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NFT Spotlight: Omen

Omen is a 10k NFT collection on Cardano that unites the Neomonium Dao. The Omen collection introduced a first on Cardano — OMEN Paper Hands Taxation-Rewards System which benefits holders.

NFT Spotlight: Omen

Omen is a 10k NFT collection on Cardano that unites the Neomonium Dao. The Omen collection introduced a first on Cardano — OMEN Paper Hands Taxation-Rewards System which benefits holders. The project has garnered much attention on Cardano as well as other blockchains such as Ethereum and Solana. This article delves into the NFT collection, its recent launch, and more.

Omen Launch

Omen, a trailblazing NFT collection on the Cardano blockchain, was minted through the Ada Anvil platform on 12/24/2023. This collection introduced the revolutionary OMEN Paper Hands Taxation-Rewards System (PHTR) — a first for Cardano. This system rewards Omen holders who stake their NFTs through weekly ADA payments, and as of 2024, 100% of the generated royalties flow exclusively to Omen NFT stakers.

During the initial mint, Omen NFTs attracted significant attention. With only 20% of the collection minted, the royalties started at 80%, diminishing through various PHTR tiers before settling at the current 13%. Notably, 100% of the generated royalties flow back to the holders. The minting phase allowed users to burn their previous Neomoniums NFTs to mint the new collection, unlocking exclusive traits for those embracing the burn. The first PHTR cut-off date saw 86,485 ADA distributed to stakers, marking a successful launch.

NFT Collection Insights

Omen Listings Pro page on TapTools

Post-launch, the Omen NFT collection witnessed phenomenal success, amassing over 1.9 million ADA in secondary sale volume within a few weeks. Despite a recent lull in the NFT market, the project’s market cap soared to $3,616,696 equivalent to 7,490,000 ADA, securing the #7 spot among the Top 50 NFT collections on TapTools. Currently, there are 1,627 holders, with 16.27% of them representing unique wallets. Impressively, 81% of the collection is staked through Omen’s non-custodial staking on Anvil, leaving a mere 19% in circulation.

The Omen collection has cultivated a robust community, boasting a remarkable 62.40% of the supply being held by diamond-handed enthusiasts. The all-time high sale reached an impressive 3,500 ADA, while the average sale hovers around 398 ADA. These statistics underscore the project’s popularity and sustained value in the dynamic NFT market.

Omen Overview Pro page on TapTools

Currently, Omen boasts an impressive 774 listings, equivalent to 7.74% of the NFT collection’s total supply, with a floor price set at 749 ADA. The NFTs’ prices have surged over 68% in the last 7 days.

A substantial portion of these NFTs is listed at 900 ADA or higher, underscoring the community’s strong belief in the Omen project. This trend not only suggests market demand but also signifies the collective confidence in the NFT collection’s future potential and its lasting impact on the Cardano ecosystem. As more NFTs are priced higher, it mirrors the community’s commitment and optimism, positioning Omen as a potential blue-chip that has garnered substantial support and attention from multiple blockchain ecosystems.


We’ll now delve into the various utility the Omen collection has to offer its holders.


Omen goes beyond conventional NFT offerings by integrating utility for holders. Omen NFT holders actively participate in governance, with voting rights shaping the project’s trajectory. The community’s inaugural vote revolved around naming factions within the Omen Ecosystem, showcasing a decentralized decision-making process.


Holders of NFTs from the Omen collection can participate in staking, enabling them to receive weekly rewards through the PHTR system, where royalties from secondary market transactions flow back to the holders of staked Omen assets, creating a self-sustaining cycle of value.


Concluding the NFT Project spotlight for Omen, this Cardano-based collection stands as a unique project, prioritizing utility and its community. Omen not only demonstrates its dynamic growth but is gaining significant attention from leading smart contract ecosystems beyond its native Cardano. The project’s seamless integration of supporters from different corners of the blockchain space highlights its universal appeal, firmly establishing Omen as a captivating player in the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized art and collectibles. It will be interesting to see how Omen and its ecosystem evolve over the coming months and years, promising a future marked by innovation, community resilience, and the continued shaping of decentralized creativity.

You can visit the project website for the Omen collection at the following link: https://www.nemonium.art/


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