Man Names Baby After Cardano Project, Despite $ADA Price Underperforming 

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In recent times, crypto enthusiasts have launched several initiatives to declare support for their favorite crypto projects. 

However, a Twitter user has taken things to the next level by naming his first child Cardano, the popular cryptocurrency project, which describes itself as the “Ethereum killer.” 

The Twitter user with the username @Brunokarno1, took to the popular microblogging platform yesterday to announce the birth of his first son, who he named Cardano, as part of his effort to declare his love and support for the project.  

My first son was born on November 25, 2021. His name is Cardano.
Share if you love #Ada #CardanoCommunity #CardanoADA @InputOutputHK @IOHK_Charles

— Bruno (@Brunokarno1) November 28, 2021

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s founder, also took to Twitter to react to the development by posting on his timeline, saying: 

“Welcome baby Cardano to the world.”   

Enthusiasts Not Shaken by $ADA Price Dip 

This comes after Cardano’s native cryptocurrency $ADA has been on the back foot lately after shedding nearly 50% of its value since it reached an all-time high (ATH) of $3.09 in early September. 

Despite losing a major percentage of its value within the space of two months, the cryptocurrency is still ranked the sixth-largest cryptocurrency based on market capitalization dominance. 

Per data on Coingecko, $ADA is currently changing hands at $1.57 with enthusiasts remaining bullish. 

Smart Contracts Launches on Cardano

Although Cardano has not lived up to expectation as the perfect “Ethereum Killer,” it has continued to receive support from its unending list of enthusiasts who have not failed to profess their undying love for the project. 

Since launching its mainnet in 2017, the Cardano team has worked relentlessly to give users a major win, and they succeeded in September this year when over 200 smart contracts successfully launched on the Cardano blockchain explorer. 

The smart contract launch followed the release of the Alonzo upgrade on September 12, 2021.  

Although Cardano is late to the smart contract party, its community of enthusiasts is still supporting the project, as they look forward to the day the project will be seen as the Ethereum Killer by the entire crypto community.

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