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Join the Incentivized Staking Basket Testnet by Atrium DAO

Atrium DAO is launching the incentivized testnet for ‘Diffusion’, the first Staking Basket on Cardano.

Join the Incentivized Staking Basket Testnet by Atrium DAO

Atrium DAO is launching the incentivized testnet for ‘Diffusion’, the first Staking Basket on Cardano. Testnet users will be able to receive Atrium DAO tokens in return for trying Âtrium and completing a few tasks to help us test the application. The testnet will last 40 days, (until April 7th 2024) and users will receive their Âtrium DAO token in due course. These tokens will be vested, and can be claimed daily from our site.

To join the Incentivised Testnet:

Step 1: Follow our guide and set up a testnet wallet.
Step 2: Visit the Cardano Faucet and request some test ADA be sent to your newly created testnet address.
Step 3: Complete the testnet tasks on Âtrium
Step 4: Complete this form, ensuring you include the testnet address you are using, and the mainnet address you wish the Âtrium DAO tokens to be sent to.

What are the testnet tasks

Task 1: Follow us on Twitter and Discord
Task 2: Send some tADA to another member in our Discord using Âtriums Send/Receive feature.
Task 3: Deposit tADA into the testnet Diffusion Staking Basket
Task 4: Withdraw tADA from the testnet Diffusion Staking Basket
Task 5: Deposit at least 10,000 tADA into testnet Diffusion, and leave it in there until the end of the incentivized testnet (March 27 2024).

Bonus tasks for increased rewards:
Bonus Task 1: Deposits into testnet Diffusion at least 10 times.
Bonus Task 2: Withdraw testnet Diffusion at least 9 times.
Bonus Task 3: Post 3 helpful Discord messages to new users asking about the testnet.
Bonus Task 4: Tweet us some love on Twitter
Bonus Task for DOUBLE REWARDS: Be among the top 5 users that have completed the most daily 10k deposits. These 5 users will receive double token during the airdrop. Each user can complete 1 10k deposit per day.

You will be able to claim 10% of your tokens at the time of the Token Generation Event. After which, you’ll be able to claim the remaining 90% of tokens each month over a period of 8 months. The Token generation event will occur closer to launch of mainnet.

What are Staking Baskets?

Staking Baskets are a new way to stake on Cardano. With each Basket you can delegate up to 110 stakepools at the same time and earn additional Cardano Native tokens on top of your staking rewards. To demo Staking Baskets we’re releasing them in our Atrium dashboard for anyone to use on x date.

The first Basket we’re releasing on testnet is called Diffusion, Diffusion delegates to 50 different single stakepool operators and users can be rewarded with ADA and the Atrium DAO token for depositing into Diffusion.

Atrium DAO Token?

The Atrium DAO has taken a groundbreaking step in governance by establishing a registered legal entity as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). In Atrium’s DAO, each token represents ownership of the DAO, ensuring that all token holders have a stake in the governance and direction of the project. Committing on day one to this approach not only democratizes governance but also aligns the interests of the token holders with the long-term success and sustainability of the Atrium DAO.

On top of DAO voting the Atrium DAO token will also allow projects to market themselves on Atrium. Using the User Account NFT profiles, users and projects will be able to push themselves higher on a decentralized list. Staking Baskets also charge a DAO fee that can be paid back to users, used for buy-backs, or used to fund future developments.

When a user is eligible for this airdrop they will have to wait until the TGE (token-generation-event) to receive the first 10% of their Atrium DAO tokens. After the TGE users will be able to come and claim their DAO tokens from their vesting contract with a simple claim transaction. The full airdrop will be paid out over a six month period. Users will be able to claim daily, or only once a month depending on what suits them best. Users will have a total of ten months from the start of the TGE to claim all of the airdrop rewards. After ten months the remaining DAO tokens in the vesting contracts will be sent back to the DAO for future incentivization.

Follow Atrium Lab on Twitter:

Join the Discord community:


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