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IOG contributes Atala PRISM to Hyperledger Foundation

Atala PRISM, a suite of decentralized identity tools, just became Open Enterprise Agent: an open source code base in Hyperledger Labs

IOG contributes Atala PRISM to Hyperledger Foundation

The Open Enterprise Agent offers a scalable, robust, performant, and user-friendly platform for crafting solutions and products for decentralized identity. Built in Scala, a language known for its highly concurrent systems, it aligns with W3C standards and Hyperledger Aries RFCs, with a vision to be blockchain agnostic across the realms of self-sovereign identity (SSI).

Community involvement and openness are core tenets of platform stability over time. Our ambition is to enable tomorrow’s trust infrastructure across a wide variety of ecosystems.

We can only do that if we work together with the community to build software that has longevity so that it can be trusted by those who are building on top of it. For this reason, we created a Hyperledger Lab, where we build with the community, for the community.

Language flexibility

Through a streamlined  REST API, the Open Enterprise Agent provides the freedom to develop controllers in most programming languages for flexibility and adaptability to diverse development environments.

Built on Scala 

Built on Scala, the agent is crafted for scalability and reliability, making it an ideal choice for building highly concurrent systems.

Blockchain integration 

The agent uses the Cardano blockchain as a verifiable data registry (VDR), ensuring a high level of security, scalability, and availability.

Cloud agent design

Designed as a cloud agent, the PRISM Open Enterprise Agent is designed to ensure convenience and accessibility.

Platform support

The agent is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM)-based application. It can be run on various platforms, including Docker-compatible container runtime environments and physical or virtual hosts running Linux/AMD64 or Linux/ARM64.

Agent types

The Open Enterprise Agent caters to diverse roles within decentralized identity ecosystems, including issuer, holder, and verifier.

Credential types

The agent supports W3C JWT-VC and is in the process of implementing AnonCreds, showcasing its commitment to diverse credential formats.

DIDComm protocol support

Leveraging DIDComm V2, the agent supports various protocols such as Mediator Coordinator, Issue Credential, Present Proof, Report Problem, and Routing Protocol.

The future of digital identity starts now

Open Enterprise Agent, a Hyperledger Lab, enables digital identity ecosystems, leading the way into the future of decentralized identity. It stands as a versatile and powerful software agent, offering a straightforward REST API for simple integration. Its support for industry-standard protocols and commitment to interoperability makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of decentralized identity use cases.

Atala are thrilled with the tight-knit community that has volunteered time and effort, with constructive feedback, to assist us in fine-tuning our agent. Open sourcing the agent was the natural next step to providing total transparency and fully integrating the Atala PRISM community. Some of the early adopters of Atala PRISM are now maintainers of the Open Enterprise Agent, and we are already seeing solutions being built on top of it.

With the open sourcing of our agent, we are also launching a new home for our community, the Atala PRISM Discord.

Join the community now!


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