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Introducing Wafini: A Multi Asset NFT Swap Marketplace Built On Cardano

The overall NFT ecosystem has witnessed an immense increase and demand over the recent years.

Introducing Wafini: A Multi Asset NFT Swap Marketplace Built On Cardano

The overall NFT ecosystem has witnessed an immense increase and demand over the recent years.

The digital collectibles that are represented as Non-Fungible tokens are instrumental in unlocking more potentials in the De-Fi space as developers, creators, and designers are already building out novel use cases with NFTs such as Metaverse, Play to earn and Move to earn projects that are powered by NFTs.

Wafini is a community driven, decentralized NFT marketplace built on top of Cardano blockchain for discovering, trading, lending & Borrowing NFTs.

Wafini is on a mission to become the Go to NFT marketplace on Cardano as we aim fill the needs and wants of the NFT community, which will evolve over time via direct user governance that will be facilitated by the $WFI tokens.

Wafini genesis NFT holders will have utilities that have never been seen before on Cardano, Wafini NFT holders will be to earn a percentage of the transaction commissions on Wafini NFT marketplace when launched.

Wafini is led by a team of developers, artists and DeFi professionals with years of exeperience building blockchain products as we will be harnessing the power and low fees of the Cardano blockchain to develop a secure yet, easy to use Non-Fungible Token Marketplace that will ensure that artists and collectors make the most of their digital assets.

Wafini will be built using Plutus & Haskell smart contracts, the native smart contract language of the Cardano ecosystem that will bring forth a completely non-custodial and fully decentralized and innovative NFT marketplace that will enable minting, staking NFTs and participating in the Wafini NFT Launchpad.

Unlike other NFT marketplace on the market, we will have our own one-of-a-kind INO Launchpad (Initial NFT Offering), with our own governance token, $WFI, which can be used for most activities on our platform.

Wafini NFT Marketplace Features On Launch

Multiple NFT trades & Swaps

Fair Price discovery mechanism

User Friendly Trading Marketplace

Wafini NFT Rewards

$WFI Token Presale

Wafini will be hosting a token sale of $WFI governance tokens from 25th August to 25th september .

For a chance to participate, please join the Wafini Telegram Group.


This is an exciting phase as we are certainly ahead of the curve as one of the early movers on the Cardano chain.

With Wafini, we aim to increase the NFT adoption on Cardano and the entire crypto space.


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