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Influencer Spotlight: Dan Gambardello

Our first “Influencer Spotlight” features one of Cardanos biggest influencers, Dan Gambardello.

Influencer Spotlight: Dan Gambardello

Our first “Influencer Spotlight” features one of Cardanos biggest influencers, Dan Gambardello. Dan is the founder of Crypto Capital Venture (CCV) and has been educating not only the Cardano community but also the general crypto community through various social media outlets since 2017. This article will delve into Dan and his contributions to the Cardano ecosystem.


Dan has been running the Crypto Capital Venture Youtube channel since 2017 to educate the Cardano and crypto community. Dan uses years of charting experience and on-chain data to provide an analysis on the market, cover crypto charts, as well as share crypto news. The Crypto Capital Venture Youtube channel has 346k subscribers and can be found here.


With 246,000 followers on X (formerly known as Twitter) (@cryptorecruitr), Dan Gambaredello stands out as a recognized figure in the Cardano community. Renowned for his impactful insights, he consistently ranks among the top 10 Cardano influencers according to Lunar Crush, a crypto social media analytics platform.

Gambaredello’s X account serves as a central hub for Cardano enthusiasts, delivering educational content, market insights, and steadfast community support. His consistent presence in Lunar Crush’s rankings underscores the trust and influence he has cultivated within the Cardano ecosystem.

You can follow Dan Gambaredello on X at the following link: https://twitter.com/cryptorecruitr

CCV Stake Pool

Dan Gambardello is also a stake pool operator and directly supports the Cardano blockchain with his stake pools. These stake pools are under the Crypto Capital Venture brand and include pool tickers: CCV, CCV1, CCV2, CCV3, and CCV4. These pools are not only used to secure the network and produce blocks, but also to support those in need through charity from the ADA proceeds. You can view the Crypto Capital Venture stake pools at the following link: https://pool.pm/search/ccv


Dan not only donated $20,000 to hope of prayer, but has also donated to Rock Ministries in Philadelphia, and helped raise funds for a family members brother who needed medical care. Dan works closely with Place of Hope in West Palm Beach Florida, and supports their mission of ending cycles of abuse, homelessness, and human trafficking. Place of Hope was ranked among the top charities in the country. You can find out more about the Place of Hope charity here: https://www.placeofhope.com/

Crypto Capital Venture

Crypto Capital Venture (CCV)was founded by Dan Gambaredello and operates within multiple sectors of the crypto space. Under the CCV firm, Dan delivers educational crypto content, operates multiple Cardano Stake pools, and also runs a recruiting service that helps place top talent in various positions across the blockchain and AI industries.

You can find out more about Crypto Capital Venture at the following link: https://www.cryptocapitalventure.io/


Dan Gambaredello stands out as a prominent figure in the Cardano community, utilizing platforms like YouTube and Twitter to educate and engage audiences. With a robust following on X and consistent recognition among the top 10 Cardano influencers on Lunar Crush, his influence is evident. Beyond his online presence, Dan actively contributes to the Cardano blockchain through his stake pools and further enriches the blockchain space through his recruiting service, placing top talent in positions across the industry. Through Crypto Capital Venture, he seamlessly integrates education, stake pool operations, and charitable endeavors, making him a standout contributor to the evolving crypto landscape.


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