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Iagon Announces Plans for Mainnet Launch

Iagon, a decentralized cloud service provider on the Cardano blockchain, recently shared details about its imminent mainnet launch.

Iagon Announces Plans for Mainnet Launch

Iagon, a decentralized cloud service provider on the Cardano blockchain, recently shared details about its imminent mainnet launch. With years of meticulous development, the community has eagerly awaited this protocol as it underwent its final audits in preparation for the mainnet launch. This article will delve into Iagon and its upcoming mainnet launch, providing insights into the key phases and developments shaping its entry into the Cardano ecosystem.


Phase I: Alpha Galaxy Creation

The initial phase of Iagon’s mainnet launch, dubbed Alpha Galaxy Creation, is slated for December 8th, 2023. During this pivotal stage, LedgerFlow, a revolutionary application streamlining transactions and invoicing, will make its debut. Simultaneously, Iagon’s Decentralized Storage will be initiated, providing secure and compliant data storage solutions for personal and enterprise use. The Subscription System, ranging from Basic to Enterprise packages with exclusive discounts for IAG token holders, will also be introduced.

In Phase I, node operators will have the opportunity to stake IAG tokens, facilitating their active participation in the network by contributing to the Decentralized Storage. In this stage we’ll also see the launch of the Resource Providers API, which will democratize network participation, offering storage providers a seamless entry into the system. As Phase I unfolds, it lays the essential foundation of the Iagon ecosystem, paving the way for the imminent mainnet launch.

Phase II: Iagon Mainnet

The second phase marks the apex of Iagon’s journey — the mainnet unveiling. Anticipated to commence before December 25th, 2023, Phase II signals the full deployment of the Iagon ecosystem on Cardano. The culmination of meticulous planning and development, this stage represents the realization of Iagon’s vision for a decentralized cloud service provider on the Cardano blockchain.

Phase III: Decentralized Computing

In Quarter 1 of 2024, Iagon is set to launch a marketplace for decentralized computing power, introducing fast, secure, and decentralized computing services to Cardano. This initiative allows consumers to harness underutilized resources through the Decentralized Compute Network on Iagon.

Compute nodes will be categorized into tiers based on key performance metrics, including performance, uptime, availability, and trustability. Cloud computing, integral to Iagon’s system, will empower a wide range of applications across various industries.

During this phase, Iagon will focus on optimizing the network to meet the specific needs of a diverse array of applications.


Iagon’s imminent mainnet launch on the Cardano blockchain marks a significant milestone in the evolution of decentralized cloud services. The community’s anticipation, coupled with years of meticulous development, highlights Iagon’s commitment to establishing regulatory-compliant cloud services within the Cardano ecosystem. As the platform progresses through key phases, including the groundbreaking introduction of decentralized computing power, Iagon positions itself as a forward-thinking innovator, poised to shape the landscape of decentralized cloud services.

You can find out more about Iagon at the following link: https://iagon.com/


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