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Blockchain Futurist Conference

Blockchain Futurist Conference

5th Annual Canada's Largest Blockchain and Crypto Conference.

    08/15/202308/15/2023 - 08/16/2023Toronto, Ontario

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A crypto experience like no other...
Seriously, we are unlike any crypto event you have ever been to. Here are some highlights of the conference.

Untraceable's Blockchain Futurist Conference is the largest and most high-profile blockchain & cryptocurrency event in Canada. Like no other conference, this annual event is tailored to foster engagement from its participants with hands on technology weaved into every aspect of the conference. The event brings together a global audience of attendees with startups, investors, developers, enterprise leaders, financial institutions, researchers, academics and emerging tech pioneers to build the future.​

Attendees can expect to hear leading experts discuss trends, showcase the newest tech and debate topics that are sure to shape this technological revolution.

The 5th annual Futurist Conference is taking place on August 15-16th, 2023.


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