How to enter the Metadams?

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How to enter the Metadams?

Metadams is the most innovative and ambitious project on the Cardano Blockchain. 

It’s a digitalized universe where only “Prime Beavy” minters can enter and interact. It’s necessary for one to mint a Prime Beavy to access Metadams.

What can you do in Metadams? 

Metadams is divided into 28900 land parcels (170x170). You will be able to play your Prime Beavy anywhere around the place. 

The universe is divided into 4 main zones: 

1) The Art Forest: An exhibition place where NFT holders will be able to display their favorite artwork from other Cardano Artists

2) The River flow: In this zone, one will be able to trade on the best exchange platforms and Defi solutions

3 )The NFT Market Zone: A place to exchange NFTs, talk and interact with each other

4) The Game zone: Somewhere to play the best NFT games in Cardano.

How do you get land parcels? 

Minting your Prime Beaviz on the 17th of December will grant you access to the Metadams. Moreover, minting several Prime Beaviz will make you eligible for a parcel airdrop. The Metadams is rewarding its investors exponentially: the more Prime Beaviz you mint, the more land parcels you will get.

Every Prime Beavy transaction will be traced on the Cardano blockchain offering you the smoothest airdrop. However, to be eligible for the airdrop, it’s decisive to mint your beavers all in one transaction, and not one by one.

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