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Hosky Token Holders to Vote on Bison Name with Summon Platform

The Summon Platform is excited to be hosting the vote to name one of the Bison on the ranch of Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson!

Hosky Token Holders to Vote on Bison Name with Summon Platform

The Summon Platform is excited to be hosting the vote to name one of the Bison on the ranch of Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson

The honor of naming a Bison was given to the Hosky community, holders of the popular memecoin on the Cardano Network, with Hosky himself setting up the Poll in the Hosky Verified Community. Any Cardano Wallet that held Hosky tokens at the time of the snapshot on September 5, 2023 can be used to vote for one of the eight names that were nominated in the Hosky Discord Server. Voting will continue through September 21, 2023.

Voting Instructions

Start by opening your Cardano Wallet Software on your computer or mobile device and ensuring that the wallet where you hold Hosky tokens is set for DApp Integration.

Next, follow this link to directly access the voting page:  

If you have not already, you should be prompted to log in to the Summon Platform. You will need to accept the Privacy Policy and then log in by choosing your Cardano Wallet Software from the list. If you are using a Hardware Wallet in conjunction with your wallet software, please flip the switch for “tx signing” as most hardware wallets can’t perform advanced message signing.

Upon logging in you should be redirected to the Voting Page. Here you will have a chance to cast your vote for the Bison name of your choice. Alternately, you can Delegate your Vote to another individual by providing their Cardano address or ADA Handle.

If anyone delegates their Voting Power to you, you will see that amount listed along with your Voting Power.

After making your selection, you will have the chance to cast your Vote. Press the Submit Your Vote button and you should receive a prompt from your Cardano Wallet Software to verify the vote the same way that you would sign a message or submit a transaction on chain. Be sure to review the prompt to make sure everything is accurate.

Once you click the sign button, you’re done! Your submission should be added to the total displayed on the Vote Page within a few minutes. We hope you will check out the Summon Platform to see what else we have to offer.

Still have questions or need more help? Join our Discord!

Please note: If you log in or vote with a Hardware Wallet via “tx signing” you may see a small fee listed on the sample transaction. This fee will not actually be charged to you as the transaction is already expired and will not be put on chain. We just need you to sign the transaction to trustlessly prove you hold the keys for the account.


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