GUIDE: How to get 7 collectibles on Cardano Summit 2021

3 weeks ago    3081 views
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Cardano Logo — Well, this one is tricky to miss, for it the one being rewarded to you for walking through the Cardano logo in the entrance hall

Flying Stingrays — Watch the video while standing still, no chatting, no looking around. just stand there in front of the main stage. I did it 3rd person AFK.

Friendly Sprites — Simply walk towards or jump around jellyfishes and butterflies

Gentle turtle — You need to keep on chatting in text

Magical Bison — Walk into every pond in the main area. Do not miss a small pool (you got it? eh?) next to "adoption" teleport

Tree of Life — You need to participate in the voice chat with a few people. You can be silent, but I kept my mic unmuted

Beautiful Butterflies — Get to every single island on the summit. Just so. I did that using teleports, but maybe it will work out of the menu

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