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With our Hacken audit due to arrive soon we’re excited to introduce you to the Paribus MVP. It’s been an incredible journey over many months involving as much hard work as rewarding breakthroughs.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Deniz our CEO describes this astounding journey, “It’s an amazing feeling to be so close to the release of our MVP. Watching our idea grow from a mere concept to something real has been incredible. We still have a lot more work to do long term so we stay focused on the tasks at hand.”

It’s almost a full-time job trying to stay up to date with the latest developments in the blockchain space, let alone continuing to create and iterate, but that’s something very much on the radar of the Paribus team. Even before the launch of our MVP, we’re already hard at work developing future iterations as detailed in our bi-weekly dev updates.

Obstacles come with the terrain as Wilson, our COO explains, “There have been numerous challenges along the way, from development adjustment to coordinating with third parties. Even though we are realistic people, our timing estimates were optimistic looking back now. As we evolve and hone in our processes we will be better able to predict our future timelines.”

At this point, we have to say a huge thank you to all of our community for their incredible support and understanding throughout this process. It’s been a truly humbling experience to see how everyone has begun to broaden their appreciation of developing within the space and connect with the vision and ethos of Paribus. The community and users of the platform have been first and foremost in our minds over the past few months.

Even when it comes to less technical aspects of the MVP we’ve kept users in mind as Simon, our CTO details, “One of the biggest focuses we have maintained is creating an easy to use and eye-pleasing UI. Without a great UI it’s difficult to get mass adoption. We want our community to enjoy using our platform. We hope they like it as much as we do.”

As you can see from the screenshots we’ve included in the article the interface is very familiar to anyone who has interacted with our staking platform. All the screenshots shown are from the desktop app, but we also have the MVP available for tablets and mobiles as these will be the devices driving mass adoption.

The similarity in look and feel for the MVP was a hugely important factor for us to be able to build on our early successes and further develop the brand. Getting both the staking app and the MVP across the line involved tremendous amounts of work and each one brought with it different challenges. As Deniz says, “The staking app and the MVP were similar in regards to workload, but with different obstacles along the way. The MVP has more at stake which is why we were so adamant in doing things the right way.”

Whilst we appreciate some members of our community would have preferred a more rapid approach to releasing the MVP we could never compromise on security or functionality to achieve this. When working in the crypto space it’s easy to forget how quick our timelines are relative to other tech sectors. To have accomplished this within the timeframe we have is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our development team and the wider community.

We hope you enjoy the remaining screenshots of the MVP and would once again like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved in bringing our dream to life. From the smallest investor to the founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson himself, we thank you for the faith you have shown us and the tremendous support and encouragement you’ve given us.

Now we can begin to move into the next phase of Paribus — forever onwards and upwards.

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