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From Speculation to Reality: Understanding the Impact of Bitcoin ETF Approval

In recent weeks, all eyes have been fixed on the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) as speculation grows around the imminent approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs.

From Speculation to Reality: Understanding the Impact of Bitcoin ETF Approval

In recent weeks, all eyes have been fixed on the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) as speculation grows around the imminent approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs. The filing of crucial documents and amendments by multiple applicants suggests a breakthrough moment for the cryptocurrency industry. As we approach the SEC’s decision, the potential approval of a Bitcoin Spot ETF is not just a matter of market dynamics but a significant stride toward mainstream acceptance.

Understanding ETFs

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) effortlessly merge stock trading ease with mutual fund diversification. These funds, which typically invest in stocks or bonds, trade on exchanges like individual stocks. Investors, both individual and institutional, can legally engage with ETFs, offering a straightforward and cost-effective entry into various markets and asset classes.

Recent Bitcoin ETF Events; Launch Looks Imminent

All eyes have been on the SEC as it increasingly appears poised to approve multiple Bitcoin Spot ETFs. In the first days of January, applicants initiated the vital process of filing Form 8-A, a Registration of Securities with the SEC, underscoring the gravity of these developments. This form is crucial as it provides essential information about the security being offered to the SEC and potential investors. It includes details about the issuer, the type of security, and the nature of the offering.

Following this, on January 5th, the SEC requested 19b-4 Final amendments from applicants, marking a critical stage after weeks of dialogue and guidance on their applications. Form 19b-4 is specifically related to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and is filed by exchanges to notify the SEC of proposed rule changes. In the context of Bitcoin Spot ETFs, the 19b-4 Final amendments are likely related to the final adjustments or clarifications made by ETF applicants in response to the SEC’s guidance.

As applicants submitted their amended S1 filings, including industry giants like BlackRock and VanEck, the lowering of fees by various ETFs aimed to enhance product competitiveness. Bitwise, for instance, reduced their fees to 0.20%, Valkyrie set their fee to 0.49%, Invesco Galaxy dropped their fee to 0.39%, and WisdomTree lowered their ETF fee to 0.30%. This fee reduction underscores the applicants’ efforts to make their products more attractive and competitive in a potentially booming market. An S1 filing is a registration statement required by the SEC for securities offerings. It includes comprehensive details about the issuer, the security being offered, and the terms of the offering. In the context of Bitcoin Spot ETFs, the S1 filings provide a transparent overview of the ETF’s structure, operation, and risks for potential investors.

Yesterday’s developments took an unexpected turn when the SEC’s X (formerly Twitter) account announced the approval of all Bitcoin Spot ETFs, causing Bitcoin’s price to spike to nearly $48k. However, moments later, Gary Gensler tweeted from his X account that the SEC’s Twitter account was compromised, and there was no actual approval.

This incident underscores the volatility and sensitivity surrounding market-moving information, emphasizing the importance of vigilance in assessing official announcements. The false approval led to a sharp market correction, with Bitcoin’s price crashing back down after the initial spike.

Later that evening, an investigation conducted by Elon Musk’s X determined that the SEC was indeed hacked and did not have two-factor authentication enabled. This revelation adds another layer of concern regarding the security practices of regulatory bodies, highlighting the need for robust cybersecurity measures, including two-factor authentication, to prevent unauthorized access and manipulation of market-sensitive data.

What’s Next?

With all applicants submitting amended S1 filings, the SEC is on the verge of deciding whether to approve the Bitcoin Spot ETFs or extend the evaluation period for a more thorough examination. Recent cautious statements by SEC Chair Gary Gensler regarding cryptocurrencies suggest a preemptive effort to brace the market for the forthcoming Bitcoin Spot ETF, potentially amplifying retail investor interest in the cryptocurrency industry. Industry experts, including BlackRock, anticipate the approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs today.

How Would a Bitcoin Spot ETF Impact Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Market?

The potential approval of a Bitcoin Spot ETF holds significant implications for the financial sector. A mere 1–3% allocation from the massive $60–75 trillion investment market could propel Bitcoin’s price to new highs. Beyond the immediate financial impact, the approval of a Bitcoin ETF would mark a pivotal moment in mainstream acceptance, attracting institutional interest and potentially leading to broader adoption. As the industry awaits regulatory decisions, the need for increased clarity becomes apparent, setting the stage for a transformative shift in the convergence of traditional finance and the cryptocurrency market.

Cardano’s Appeal in a Bitcoin ETF Surge

In a scenario where a Bitcoin ETF approval sparks a surge in the BTC price, leaving investors feeling priced out of bitcoin and seeking alternatives, Cardano (ADA) stands out. Recognized for its rigorous research, peer review process, and impeccable security record, ADA offers a compelling option.

Cardano has experienced a significant DeFi boom in the past year, outpacing many peers in Total Value Locked (TVL). This positions ADA as an enticing choice for investors looking to engage with a cryptocurrency boasting a dynamic and promising ecosystem. A potential surge in ADA demand could drive market capitalization, solidifying Cardano’s standing.


With speculation mounting over the imminent approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs, recent filings and amendments by multiple applicants signal a pivotal moment for the cryptocurrency industry. The potential approval is not just a matter of market dynamics but a substantial stride toward mainstream acceptance. As the SEC approaches a decision, industry experts anticipate a near-term approval, with potential implications for the broader cryptocurrency market, including altcoins. The evolving financial landscape awaits transformative shifts with the imminent decision on Bitcoin Spot ETFs.


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