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Fren & Rush Labs Launch Discord Trading Bot

The intersection of cryptocurrency and social platforms is creating new opportunities for user-friendly financial tools that cater to a growing audience of digital traders.

Fren & Rush Labs Launch Discord Trading Bot

The intersection of cryptocurrency and social platforms is creating new opportunities for user-friendly financial tools that cater to a growing audience of digital traders. The launch of Frenbot, developed by Rush Labs in collaboration with Fren, highlights this trend by offering a swift and accessible trading bot designed for the Cardano ecosystem. Integrated within the popular community platform Discord, Frenbot represents a step forward in making crypto trading more straightforward and rapid for everyday users. This article delves into Frenbot, its launch, development, and more.

Frenbot Launch

On Saturday, April 27th, Fren, a memecoin on the Cardano blockchain, announced the launch of Frenbot alongside Rush Labs. Frenbot is a trading bot that allows users to buy or sell any Cardano Native Token with ease. Users can either use the bot directly in the Fren Discord channel or interact with the bot via direct message for more privacy. This simplifies the trading process for users and allows them to trade from a familiar environment — Discord. All trades through Frenbot are routed through DexHunter, Cardano’s leading DEX aggregator, ensuring that users get the best possible prices.

Discord was chosen over Telegram for the Frenbot as the vast majority of Cardano projects utilize Discord for their projects, so the Cardano community is familiar with it. This puts the user in a familiar environment they are comfortable with and should lead to a higher adoption rate of the trading bot compared to Telegram.

Frenbot is paired with Zing, a Discord notification bot that alerts users to their Frenbot wallet activity. Zing notifies users of outgoing and incoming transactions and even allows users to receive notifications and monitor other wallets, letting them receive trade notifications on whales or successful trading wallets they’ve been monitoring on TapTools.

To celebrate the launch of Frenbot, Rush Labs and Fren announced a trading competition where users had the chance to earn Fren tokens and Ada Peepos NFTs. Making a 69 ADA $Fren purchase granted users one entry into the giveaway, and a 420 ADA purchase of $Fren awarded Frenbot users with seven entries into the giveaway.

Q&A With Vayz

We had a chat with Vayz, the developer and co-founder of Rush Labs to learn more about the project.

Q: Could you describe the most challenging aspects of developing Frenbot? Additionally, how long did the team work on the project prior to its launch?

A: “Coming up with a solution for scaling on Discord. Discord API limits are a pain to deal with and they’ve been the reason that most people have chosen other platforms for such products. But knowing that most of Cardano is on Discord, we needed to find something as we saw the huge potential.”

A: “Security was another big one. We needed to make sure it’s safe but while also keeping it speedy. That’s our whole brand really. When people think about any of our products, speed should be the first thing that pops in mind. Zing is a prime example. We use a total of 4 layers of encryption for not just the process of storing sensitive seed phrases of users, but for every transaction they make. The industry standard is around 1–2. This was another challenging problem and we’re really happy we found a solution that didn’t hinder our standards, all while helping us sleep better at night.”

Q: How long did the team work on FrenBot

A: 2 months (countless sleepless nights), Zing another 1 month.

Q: Are there any upgrades planned for Fren bot in the near future, and is there anything else Rush Labs is cooking that the community can look forward to?

A: “We don’t really like to reveal anything that isn’t completed yet, (I know, it’s a bummer) but you can count on us for always having something in the works.”

TapTools API

Rush Labs utilized the TapTools API for certain wallet command functions within Frenbot and Zing. The API was used to fetch token prices, token marketcaps, and was utilized with the Zing notification bot to obtain the value of wallet addresses.

If you’re interested in using the TapTools API to build within the Cardano Ecosystem you can learn more at the following link: https://www.taptools.io/openapi/subscription


The debut of Frenbot marks a significant milestone in the evolution of trading tools on Cardano, emphasizing speed and user accessibility. With its integration into Discord, it taps into the community’s preferred communication channels, promising higher engagement and ease of use. As Frenbot begins to reshape how traders interact with the Cardano blockchain, the future of such innovations looks promising. It will be interesting to see how Frenbot and future product launches from Rush Labs develop in the future.

You can find out more about Frenbot at the following link: https://www.frenbot.app/


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