Fast Coming Cardano Summit To Give Awesome Virtual World Experience

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Cardano Summit

The date for Cardano Summit 2021 reveals to take place on September 25-26.
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Not much details about the summit is announced yet, However, part of the details is that will bring a “mix of virtual and live events from around the world.”


However, more details about the summit comes out from the developers Input Output Global (IOG).

They reveal that “virtual.” means the cardano Summit will feature the exploration of virtual worlds with a standard conference setup while being remote.

The expectations are seriously high with much anticipation of the summit. Also, with the promise of “mind-blowing” announcements during the event.

Expectations Climbs High Towards The Cardano Summit

Sidney Vollmer, the Head of Brand and Comms at the Cardano Foundation sparks up interest by promise of announcing massive partnership at the event.

“Don’t really want to brag or anything but… some of the partnerships we’re announcing at the #CardanoSummit will blow people’s mind. Really grateful for the chances we [email protected] have to change the world for the better, and have fun together. Tune in.”

Additionally, this tweet comes a very considerable timing seeing IOG smart contract functionality roll out days behind.
However, its still uncertain who’s behind the massive partnership as announced.

Many projects are on a race to launch with Liqwid Finance bringing decentralized lending and borrowing money markets to Cardano. Also, SundaeSwap is to keep the food-themed naming convention intact while offering decentralized token exchanges. Additionally, Both projects all sets for an October launch.

What To Look Out For At The Event

The Cardano summit features virtual worlds to explore, namely Main Stage, Utility, Governance, Impact, Adoption, Catalyst, and Community.

Also, there will be interactions between attendees in a speech bubble just as seen in video games.

Its also educational as it will feature videos on major announcements news, updates and interviews over the two days.

The Seven Virtual Worlds To Explore During The Cardano Summit;

1. Avatars allowing community members interactions from around the world
2. 48 hours exclusive content
3. 80 exclusive videos from keynotes to major news announcements, updates and interviews & community showcases
4. Limited edition NFTs for collection
The Cardano summit can be viewed via desktop and mobile, although desktop gives the best experience.

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