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Evergrande’s Chapter 15 Filing Sends Shockwaves Through Markets

China’s Evergrande Group, once a towering presence in the property development sector, has been descending into a financial abyss for some time.

Evergrande’s Chapter 15 Filing Sends Shockwaves Through Markets

The Unraveling of Evergrande

China’s Evergrande Group, once a towering presence in the property development sector, has been descending into a financial abyss for some time. The company’s troubles began to surface as early as 2021 when it reported net losses of $81 billion over two years, hinting at deeper turmoil within China’s real estate market. By August 17th, 2023, Evergrande sought refuge from its creditors by filing for Chapter 15 protection under the U.S. bankruptcy code. This strategic move aims to provide shelter to non-U.S. companies during restructuring and halt creditor actions. Notably, Evergrande’s affiliate, Tianji Holdings, followed suit by seeking Chapter 15 protection in a Manhattan bankruptcy court, signaling the magnitude of the property crisis that is gripping China.

Crypto Markets React to Evergrande’s Distress

News of Evergrande’s Chapter 15 filing rippled through the cryptocurrency market, causing fear that led to a price drop in digital assets. Bitcoin (BTC), which had been leading the market, experienced a dramatic 7% drop within a 24-hour period, briefly dipping below $26,000. Cardano fell by over 11% wicking as low as 0.2379 on Binance. Ethereum (ETH) followed suit with a nearly 6% decline, trading at $1,695. Even the momentum generated by Bitcoin’s institutional interest seemed to stall due to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s cautious approach to approving a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Potential Tether Exposure

Amidst the unfolding Evergrande crisis, Tether (USDT), a prominent stablecoin in the cryptocurrency market, finds itself under heightened scrutiny. Tether’s original foundation rested primarily on fiat currencies, such as the U.S. Dollar. However, as the landscape evolved, its portfolio expanded to encompass diverse assets, including commercial paper.

By mid-2021, concerns arose when reports revealed that nearly 50% of Tether’s backing was tied up in commercial paper — short-term, unsecured promissory notes issued by corporations. Tether swiftly reassured the market that it bore no direct exposure to Evergrande’s debt. However, the specifics of the commercial paper within Tether’s reserves remained undisclosed.

There is a chance that Tether might be affected by the problems in the Chinese economy, but not in a direct way. Evergrande’s default and the ensuing instability in China’s corporate and real estate sectors could impact the value and stability of commercial paper from other Chinese entities. In the event that Tether holds a significant portion of such paper, questions could arise about the stablecoin’s valuation and overall stability.

Broader Implications

The interconnected nature of global markets underscore the amplifying impact of events like Evergrande’s crisis. Evergrande’s precarious position within the commercial paper market has the potential to set off a broader ripple effect across commercial paper assets. When major corporate borrowers default, the repercussions can resonate through related assets due to the complex web of global market interdependencies. This can even force investors to liquidate their most secure holdings to secure immediate cash.

Both Tether and Circle currently maintain positions in the commercial paper market. While it may be improbable for both entities to hold significant volumes of Evergrande bonds, the aftermath of Evergrande’s challenges could propagate throughout the entire market, initiating a domino effect. In 2022, the Commercial Paper Market reached an approximate valuation of USD 85.5 billion, and projections point to robust growth, with the Commercial Paper Industry revenue anticipated to expand by 8.2% from 2023 to 2029, nearing a figure of nearly USD 148.44 billion.

The potential repercussions of Evergrande’s restructuring deal possess a sweeping magnitude. This cascading effect might stretch across global markets in the weeks ahead, penetrating sectors such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, and beyond. The intricate network of financial systems highlights the susceptibility of markets to sequential destabilizing events. As the Evergrande crisis throws a spotlight on Tether’s exposure to Chinese debt, the larger market must grapple with the uncertainty inherent in a globally interconnected realm. In this landscape, where a single domino’s fall can trigger a chain reaction of economic consequences, successfully navigating uncharted waters demands vigilance, adaptability, and a comprehensive grasp of the intricate fabric of the global financial web.


Evergrande’s Chapter 15 filing acts as a stark reminder of the intricate interplay within global economies and markets. The far-reaching effects of the property giant’s distress reverberate through the cryptocurrency sector, prompting introspection and a closer examination of stablecoins’ foundations. As the narrative unfolds, it’s evident that the crypto world must prepare for potential upheavals, as conventional financial troubles intersect with the digital realm. The Evergrande saga is a wake-up call for stakeholders to tread cautiously and collaboratively in an ever-evolving financial landscape.


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